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Smell and Feel Good with the Right Cologne for Men

Scents definitely reflect and represent a part of one’s personality. Thus, choosing a cologne or perfume should not be taken lightly. Signature fragrances should match not only one’s character, mood, or lifestyle, but also the occasion and most importantly, budget.

Sniff and Splash

Perfumes, in general, have different levels of concentration. Extrait (extract) and eau de parfum (also called eau de millesime) have strong concentration levels causing their sharp scent. Eau de toilette, eau de cologne and aftershave colognes are mostly water-based thus milder and gentler for everyday use.

If you are the sporty type of guy who loves outdoor fun and adventure, citrus and aquatic scents are best for your daily routine to give you that clean and energizing vibe for renewed vigor. On romantic afternoons with your girlfriend, choose amber, woody, or floral scents for a sensual feel. Amber scents are sweet and exotic, while floral scents are mild and powdery. Woody scents are musky, thus perfect for late night parties. Sophisticated and minimalist men tend towards nature scents that have hints of fresh leaves or grass. For an excellent range of men’s colognes and perfumes, go for brands like Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Bvlgari, Burberry, and Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Note on Body Chemistry

Taking a trip to a cologne counter should not only be about checking the latest or the best smelling perfume. What most men forget is testing whether the scent would work well with one’s natural body chemistry - and this comes with a more tedious process. If you are bent on knowing what’s most compatible with your genetic or chemical makeup, take a whiff on the body parts dashed with perfume after a day. If the scent stays and no unusual or foul odor registers, then your choice fragrance is perfect for you.

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