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GoPro: Wear it, Mount it, Love it


Looking at the movement and the strong following that it is enjoying right now, you will find it hard to believe the humble beginnings of this digital camcorder. Its current form and built is nothing short of a very durable technological wonder, however, did you know that its founder Nick Woodman had to sell shell necklaces he bought in Bali from his car along the California coast and borrowed money from his parents just so he could pursue his dream? His dream was born out of passion and the need to capture quality action photos and the desire for a system that could capture professional angles in almost any situation and at almost any extreme setting. His efforts eventually paid off and the company which he built from scratch is now responsible for $986 million in product sales revenue and just recently held a successful initial public offering (IPO), raising ~$427 million. In a way, the company produced the first ever useful wearable tech.


Its loyal band of followers includes fans of its rugged, action, and sports oriented portable cameras. Aside from portable photo equipment, the company also sells accessories that allow amateurs to mount their devices to a helmet, front of a bike, or just simply strap it around your head. Surfers, skateboarders, racers, skiers, cyclists, and Shaun White are not the device's only demographic as more and more people realize the potential of this very durable, very versatile, memory capturing equipment.


Everybody Needs a Hero (Camera)


The company's line of cameras comes with three fixed-lenses without viewfinders. They mostly have a 2.bit LCD on the front to give you access to the menu system which are controlled with the front and top shutter buttons.They're still image resolution range is between 5MP and 12MP with a future product rumored to be able to record in 4K. They come bundled with a clear polycarbonate HD housing with glass lens. This housing is rated shockproof and waterproof to 60 meters ensuring that your device stays safe, dry, and functional throughout your activity no matter what it is. The casing has a quick release button on top and threads which can be used for a mount at the bottom. The casing's metal buttons are synchronized to connect to the cameras controls and has a skeleton backdoor option to allow better capture of audio in some situations.


The company has released eight variants of their core product so far the most recent of which is the Hero3+ and it comes in Black and Silver edition. Previous model Hero3 is still available in white edition and serves the low cost device segment. The latest model, like all the others that precedes it, is designed for recording a variety of adventure sports and it comes with a rugged housing that is waterproof down to a depth of 40 meters. The camera captures 4K Cinema, 2.7K Cinema, 1440p and Full HD 1080p video. It comes with a Wi-Fi remote and is compatible with the optional LCD Touch BacPac and Battery BacPac.


To ensure that you get the best shot possible, the device is equipped with advanced capture settings including looping video, continuous photo, white balance, and protune mode. It also supports panorama SuperView wide angle photo capture and time-lapse recording. Needles to say, it works magnificently well with the improved Studio 2.0 software, which allows you to easily create professional-quality videos with your content.


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