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People use all sorts of electronics to stay connected to the world. Mobile cell phones in particular, stand as a centerpiece in an era which relies on the necessity of fast and reliable communication. Although they are specifically designed for that purpose, most mobile phone manufacturers are now developing smartphones that also give prominence to other features, like high-quality cameras, diverse wireless connectivity capabilities, powerhouse processors, and other features for your entertainment needs.

Battle of the Brands

Making all the definite upgrades possible are top mobile phone titles such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Asus, Motorola, Google Nexus, and so on. Among the mobile phone tech giants, Sony excels in marketing smartphones that go with solid high-performance cameras. Sony’s flagship the Sony Xperia Z3, successor to the Xperia Z2, packs a powerful 20.7MP camera that features autofocus, LED flash, HDR settings, and technological applications from Sony’s camera division. Emerging HTC smartphones on the other hand focus on providing attractive and innovative features. The company’s latest model, the HTC One M9, is built with a front stereo speaker for better sound effects, and is supported by a classy metallic case for a sleek finish. There are many trending brands that are worth getting your hands on like Samsung’s Galaxy series, Apple’s iPhones, or BlackBerry’s QWERTY smartphones. Discover which smartphone will be your next great purchase by browsing PricePanda.

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