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There are heaps of digital cameras out there as well as many different lenses. Before you make a purchase, things like lens mount, type, luminosity, price and size will be some factors that you consider. Some of the most popular still lens mounts are Canon EF, Nikon F-Mount and Sony A-Mount. Macro lens or standard zoom lenses have good demand in the market. But wide angle lenses are possibly the most popular type of lens because of its wider field of vision. f/3.5-5.6 luminosity seems like the most common out there. If you are somewhat confused about the different camera lenses, PricePanda is here to help you to find specification, customer reviews and best prices in Malaysian online shops. We are happy to say to you that we are already renowned as excellent price comparison website, offering consumers the best deals on cameras and their components. One brand that is globally known as kind of a synonym for camera lenses is Sigma.

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From zoom lens to fixed-focal length camera lens, fisheye lens, macro lens as well as telephoto lens, each type of lens allows light to pass through the camera, select the format of a photograph and allow the lens to focus. With a prime lens you have one focal length while zoom lens allow you to change focal lengths. The types of photography you indulge in will put certain demands on the camera lens and with PricePanda you can view the different capabilities and lens prices.


Most people will say it is better to stick with camera lenses from the top manufacturers like Canon and Nikon, but the beauty of PricePanda is that you can research and compare prices and specs on all the different brands, get customer reviews and ratings and be able to make a well informed choice.


The Canon camera is highly regarded by professional photographers because of its high quality images and interchangeable lenses. Canon lenses are known for their focal range, their optical quality and the aperture being able to open wider than other similar zooms, and to this end Canon lens prices are worked out on a price-to-performance ratio. The Tamron lens is a light and compact lens, designed for the most common digital SLR cameras. Its wide angle lens offers high-performance for DSLRs with APS-C size sensors and superb zoom possibilities. Fisheye lenses are ultra-wide angle lens and every kind of photographer uses them to capture extremely wide images, around 180 degrees.


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Lenses are the most significant component of DSLR Cameras and buying choices matter. A great way to discover which lenses are the hottest on the market is to make use of PricePanda's price and information comparison opportunities. Nobody can navigate through all the different cameras today and make head or tail of their specs and prices. It is far easier to trust PricePanda, get each camera's details and make comparisons. This way buying the best camera and camera lens won't be futile but will lead you to making the best selection.