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An Electrolux vacuum cleaner gives powerful home cleaning

AB Electrolux is a multinational company and the world's second largest producer of household appliances. Electrolux sells under different brand names across the world, with the company's headquarters being in Stockholm, Sweden. Although the history of the company is closely linked to the vacuum cleaner it started out making large kerosene lamps for railway stations in 1901, under the name of Lux A B. When competition developed, Lux needed a new product and in 1912 began producing vacuum cleaners.

Electrolux Ultracaptic

A variety of designs to select from

The first really usable vacuum cleaner was the V model, created in 1921. This used runners, making it more mobile and marketable, previous models had been too cumbersome. Since then the brand has led the world in inspirational design both in its vacuum cleaners and in Electrolux washing machines. Consumer feedback has always been used to drive designs forward. Modern designs include the Ergorapid, the Ultraflex and the latest rechargeable 'grab and goes'.

Electrolux models are comparable in power and environmental impact to one of its rivals, the Dyson vacuum cleaner, so choice will depend on your personal preferences in design and function. Whether you prefer an upright, canister or lightweight vacuum cleaner, however, Electrolux will have a design for you. The modern vacuum cleaner from Electrolux gives you powerful suction, cleaner air filtration and a range of accessories housed in lightweight and manoeuvrable casings.

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