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Electrolux Home Appliances


Get the experience, efficiency and high-standards of Scandinavian technology at home with Electrolux. The Swedish manufacturer, one of the global leaders in home appliances and the most popular brand in SE Asia in its sector, is since more than 100 years a synonym of innovation and quality in the household. The importance of customer insight, instilled in its product based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design, is core to this brand value. User experience, from the moment the product is chosen through installation and usage until disposal, is kept in mind in each moment of the design. According to them, products should be perfectly functional but cause positive emotions at the same time: the brand likes to call this “Thinking of You”.


From the kitchen to the laundry room, passing through housekeeping appliances and air conditioners, you can choose from a wide range of electrical appliances to make your life at home easier than ever. Furthermore, the company is since long time seriously committed in the innovation and development of Green Technology, with low consuming, high efficiency equipments. This means less contamination for the environment, and, on the lonmg term, more savings for your wallet.


Efficiency in your Kitchen


Choose from a huge list of kitchen equipment, from big fridges, to hold and conserve all your food and drinks for you and your family, to small appliances to help you out in your daily cooking. Rice cookers, microwave ovens and mixers are just some of the high quality products designed to help you in all your best or hardest moments in the kitchen.


Housekeeping made Easy


Make keeping your house, furniture and clothes clean and tidy as easy as it can be. Remove the dirt and dust quickly from wet and dry surfaces picking your favorite vacuum cleaner from the featured list. Get the best clothing washing results with these quality, solid washing machines, and enjoy the convenience of a tumble dryer in your home with one of the reliable machines our retailers are presenting you. Save time and efforts for the important things in life while these equipments take care of all the rest.


Green Technology: Reduce the Bills, Save the Environment


To buy one of this equipments could be your first step towards a greener lifestyle. As environmental awareness keeps growing in importance year after year, supporting innovation in energy efficiency and sustainable technology is fundamental. Awarded by the European Commission in 2007 for its continous striving for efficient green technology, this appliances manufacturer is on the lead for innovative systems to keep electrical and water consumption at the lowest point. Every time the firm launches a new product, they guarantee that its efficiency will be always higher than its predecessor.


The company follows the EU energy label standards to measure its energy efficiency, ranging from the lowest level at G and the highest at A. Its appliances manage to reach A+ and A++ standards, meaning up to 25% and 40% less electricity necessary for the functioning of the appliance compared to a top-range A-labelled machine. This translates into a much increased respect for the environment, but also a steep reduction on your future electricity bills. Since we are talking about common electric appliance constantly connected to the domestic electrical system, this is a point that should not be ignored.


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