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Dermalogica: Skincare from professionals


Dermalogica is a skin care company that is number one among the professionals - cosmetologists and dermatologists of beauty salons all over the world. The secret of company success is a scientific approach in product creation and unobtrusive marketing mostly made by clients’ reviews. Dermalogica product is not a thoughtless promise but a tool of taking care of your skin. Luckily, the company along with professional line developed one for home use.


A brief historical overview


The company history takes its beginning from the year 1983, when the skin therapist and licensed instructor Jane Wurwand came to Los Angeles. Together with her partner, who was a sales representative in company selling equipment to skin care industry, she opened a skin therapy classes. The educational program initiative was continued by the launch of school that became the first International Dermal Institute (IDI), that is now the heart of all new creations of Dermalogica.


Working in IDI, Wurwand realised that the market does not offer a product that brings the health to the skin but not only the outer beauty. She set up a products that are free of common skin irritants such as mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances. Thus, in 1986, a skin care line was developed and performed to the market.


Initially focused on professionals care the products were selling only through authorized salons and concept spaces where client can get the personal consultation of cosmetologists and dermatologists. Later on the company entered to the market of beauty products for home use.


Truly beauty products


The company believes that the real beauty comes from health of the skin, and its facial products are aimed to bring the innovative and high-tech products in which your skin needs. You will not find the colorful and eye-catching packaging here but the professional care and only harmless and effective ingredients.


Each batch of products undergoes through strict test for purity. The company uses only sealed containers and special packaging technologies for keeping the product fresh. Facial care from Dermalogica is free of allergens and comedogenic ingredients while the packaging materials are recycled or undergo to natural biodegradation.


The professional beauty products from Dermalogica are not only divided by the area of care (e.g. for body or lips) but also for lines of care with respect to basic skin type and even particular climate conditions. These products are hypoallergenic, eliminates certain skin problems and contains large amounts of natural ingredients what all are mentioned on the package with percentage in composition.


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