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Xbox One Games: Adding Value to Your Play Time

Microsoft has gained momentum by producing one of today’s best-selling game consoles, the Xbox One, which has sold nearly 15 million systems worldwide. Following this is the popularity of its own video games. PricePanda offers the best Xbox One games with affordable prices.

Put your game face on 

Xbox One games have a wide variety of genres, from open world action-adventure to challenging puzzle games. You can find the most wanted Xbox One games list here on PricePanda that will satisfy all of your gaming needs.

One popular action adventure game for Xbox One is its launch title, the Ryse Son of Rome. It revolves around the life of Marius Titus, a Roman centurion who becomes one of the leaders in the Roman Legion. It has gained massive fandom for its exciting action sequences and excellent sound effects.

Sports enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the 2k Games NBA 2K15 for its realistic basketball scenes. This is the sixteenth installment in the NBA 2K franchise which showcases the same detailed graphics and accurate movements from its predecessors. Build your favorite team and show off your coaching skills with this basketball simulation. This is also available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Open-world racing video games such as the Forza Horizon 2 continue to gain more popularity by the day. This installment from the Forza Motorsport series boasts of a bigger area for car racing set in Provence, Tuscany, Côte d'Azur and other scenic regions. A changing weather system has been added to give players a more exhilarating racing experience.

Move without limits using Kinect

Kinect is a line of motion sensing device that enables users to play video games without a game controller. You can command your Xbox and TV with your own voice and movements, giving you more freedom in playing. You can find the most in demand Xbox One Kinect games such as the Dance Central 3, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Disneyland Adventure and many more on PricePanda.

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