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PS3 Game Changers

Neophyte and seasoned gamers set different criteria when choosing a PS3 game. Good gameplay, action-packed co-op campaigns, and multiplayer modes are the basic game elements most players value the most, but fierce competition in the gaming world has forced developers and creators to innovate. Top developers like Namco, Ubisoft, and Capcom have crafted games with integrated cinematic elements, pushing boundaries and creating new standards for a more immersive gaming experience.

Apart from the larger-than-life explosives and action sequences, creative cinematic direction, dramatic storyline, and well-written dialogue can mean a world of difference, especially if you have a keen eye for details. The Grand Theft Auto IV for playstation exhibits such high film values that critics have even lauded the realistic production design of its setting and the slew of musical score and soundtracks used in the game. These are among the many factors that add value to a game.

Challenging puzzles and maps and sensible missions which are present in games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves have also piqued the interests of gamers. Stunning visuals and interesting multiplayer modes with fast load times and no drops in framerate will certainly keep players hooked to the game.

Villains play more valuable roles, too. The highly-equipped enemies, for example, in Batman: Arkham City push players to better their counterattack moves and drive them to unlock new gadgets and side missions. More multimedia experience is also provided for by Sony’s Playstation Network, an online service that offers a number of downloadable content and gaming perks for all of Sony’s video game consoles and other streaming services for TV, HDTVs, tablets, and smartphones.

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