Game Controllers: Best prices in Malaysia (372 Items found)

Find the best console controllers

The game controllers that are provided by default in the packages offered by the manufacturers might be enough for beginners, but when it comes to advanced gaming solutions, you will have to buy new ones. Maybe you like the joystick, or you want a special controller that you can hardly find. Here, you will find the best console controllers and any other accessory that you might need.

Various types of game controllers

The Joystick is somewhat old for some, as it is considered that the controller is better for gaming consoles. However, some players still prefer the stick, and the Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X is the modern solution of this type. For people looking for controllers on a budget, the Xbox 360 device for windows is perfect. The fans of the PlayStation were not neglected, so you can find the PS3 controller here at the best price possible. Besides those, if you have several gaming consoles in your house, you can try to find the universal devices that could work just as well as an Xbox Controller, but which can also be adapted for other terminals.

If you need something special, the Saitek Pro Flight will give you the perfect flight simulation, if you are the fan of those games. Tom Clancy Splinter Cell fans would definitely appreciate the Thustmaster T.Flight, which comes with an update for this game. As for steering wheels, the Logitech Driving Force will bring your Need For Speed Experience to another level.

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At Price Panda, we offer comparisons between a large number of online stores, and we are trying to find the quality devices at the best possible prices. This way, you will save money, but you will also complete your personal collection with the best game controllers currently available on the market. As you probably need the consoles also, feel free to search for those in other sections of Price Panda.