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The hard drive or hard disk has one role to play in a computer system, and that is to store data. Compared to the RAM which stores temporary data for faster access, hard drives store permanent data. All your documents, photos, music, and even the operating system itself must be stored in the hard disk to function. Nearly all computing devices requires having a hard disk to store our information, from smartphones to servers, and that is why the demand for storage has steadily grown over the years. This demand lead to steady improvement in hard disk technology. We now have storage devices capable of storing terabytes of data with read and write speeds going faster than the previous’ years offering. Hard disks can basically be classified according to usage, and basically three types are most prominent in the market right now.

  • Internal Hard Drive

As suggested by the term itself, internal hard drives are meant to be stored inside another enclosure. For desktops, large capacity internal drives are widely available at varying capacities and speed. Due to mass market appeal, they are cheaper compared to the laptop counterparts, which are often smaller and slightly slower. Hard drive form factors are often found in two size standards, 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives. To fit multiple hard disks into one system, you will need a bigger chassis and a system that supports multiple drive setup.

  • Portable Hard Drive

The portable hard drive (also known as external hard disk) is no different than a standard drive fitted inside a PC. The only difference is that these storage devices are made to be portable and useable with different computers. Most models are bus-powered meaning they draw power from the device it is connected with instead of needing power from a separate source. If you need to move and travel a lot, this is the best way to bring your precious files with you. This Seagate Backup Plus with 1TB capacity is a good example, combining ample storage size, USB 3.0 technology, and a price that won’t break the wallet.

  • Solid State Drive

A rising superstar amongst storage devices, SSDs which stands for Solid State Drive are known for their insanely fast read and write speeds. Compared to traditional hard drives with their archaic spinning disks, solid state drives contain no moving parts and are much smaller and lighter in size. They work best with laptops to keep them as light as possible with exceptional response time, but they are available too for desktop PCs, in case you want to experience the same convenience and speed on a stationary unit. The Force series of SSDs from Corsair is an excellent choice for blazing fast hard disk performance.

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