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A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Operating Systems

Your desktop or laptop is made out of two parts: hardware and software. The first part refers to the physical components of the system, including the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The second part covers the applications that users can run with the help of an operating system (OS). Think of this as a driver of a car. The program serves as the basis for your computer’s applications. Each process that runs on the machine makes use of the OS in one way or another, and the usefulness of your device will depend on its functionality and stability.

The Life of an OS

The moment your computer is turned on, its operating system takes care of two things: creating a stable application interface and managing system resources. Citing the popular OS known as Windows 8.1 Professional as an example, this program is installed in many products and is providing a firm application interface for developers to code on. So if your printer works on your laptop, it will also run on your friend’s desktop as long as both of you have the same operating systems.

The OS also has to maintain the balance between the software and hardware resources of the system. This is why users are able to run more than one program at a time without overheating the computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit, basically the brains of the system).

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Every OS actually performs the same task, but choosing the right product to buy will depend on the preferences and needs of the individual. Some operating systems are selected because they are user-friendly, while others are preferred due to their flexibility to be customized according to what the person wants.

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