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Scanners are reliable computer peripherals for both personal use and at the office. You can scan photographic prints, documents, magazine pages, newspapers, as well as other similar materials for reproducing copies, printing, and editing. Scanners are usually paired with printers, but a lot of scanner brands nowadays also come with printing features, fax, wireless compatibilities, and more.

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Electronics companies including Benq, Epson, Panasonic, Brother, Canon, LG, HP, Fujitsu, Kodak, Ricoh, Umax, Microtek, Contex, Panini, Xerox, Plustek, and Mustek have product lineups of quality scanners suitable for business and home use. In the office, scanners are often used in making digital copies of important papers like contracts, deeds of sale, affidavits, and so on. Instead of using file keepers and book shelves, you can use document scanners to copy signed documents and store them on your hard drives. Scanning peripherals are also widely used by artists and illustrators. People who design posters, signboards, and other advertisements would usually make use of scanners in making their art. Travel and leisure photographers who use old-fashion film cameras often also carry portable scanners so that they can keep a digital copy of their photos with them. Among the best deals online on portable scanners is the Benq CP70.

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