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Cables are essential components of computers, most specially for desktops. Your laptops can function for a few hours without them, but you’ll definitely need them for charging, for transferring data to usb and other removable media, or transmitting signals to projectors and other multimedia equipment. There seems to be a swirling maelstrom of abbreviations and technical jargon surrounding types of computer cable.

Here’s a quick run on the most important ones. VGA (video graphics array) cables are used to connect the computer and the monitor. DVI (digital visual interface) cables advanced versions of VGA veering from the analog system. HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) cables transmit both audio and video signals which makes them compatible with other devices. Coaxial cables are tubular with an insulating outer sheath and jacket. Ethernets are used to set up local area networks. USB (universal serial bus) cables act as both storage and medium to multiple connections. IDE (integrated drive electronics) cables connect devices to the motherboard. SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) cables are for the more advanced hard drives and motherboards. Notable brands include Cisco, Belkin, Plantronics, Draco, Daiyo, Sanus, Sharp, and Happy Plugs for computer cables. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and other leading electronics and computer manufacturers also offer spare parts for online purchase.

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