Codemasters Products in Malaysia (6 Items found)

Superb graphics in games of Codemasters


One of the best companies in the gaming world is the codemasters. It has served several wonderful games. All the games manufactured by this company are exciting. None of the games are boring. The graphics of the games made by them are just superb. They try to make the configurations of the game as light as possible.


Variety of games


The codemasters game includes a huge list. The list includes DiRT Showdown, DiRT 3, F1 Race Stars, F1 2012, etc. The list is never ending. One of their best games is the Project IGI. The Project IGI 2 is better. It has got awesome graphics. But surprisingly its configuration is light. It runs on 128Mb graphics card even. The game is very interesting. It is a reality game. It does not look like kid video games. It has got a story line. Most of the action games of this company have got a story line.


The games run on low configuration


This makes the game more interesting. The gamer is kept in suspense. The gamer will be eager to know what will be happening next. This will help him to play more and more. The games are very simple yet exciting. Any person who is not an expert in gaming can play the games of this company. The games do not need high RAMs even. They run smoothly on a 512Mb machine. Generally the games have many missions. Therefore these games can be played over a long span of time. This company provides games for PC as well as PS.


PricePanda gives you awesome prices


Each and every game of this company is outstanding. They bring different types of games. They have athletic games like cricket, racing and even action games. So people can choose which games they like. All category customers will be attracted to its games. To avail these games at cheap rate, visit PricePanda and you will find the best prices from different online shops in Malaysia.