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Exquisite and Elegant Neckpieces within the Budget

An otherwise boring outfit can turn into something stunning with the right accessories. Jazz up your wardrobe with the perfect necklace. Neckpieces compliment both the face and the upper chest regions, attracting attention and admiration. Pendants can add charm to ordinary necklaces.

For a polished look, wear necklaces with gemstones or your birthstones. Simple and subdued designs with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds are classic choices, while peridots, amethysts, garnets, and citrine are edgy picks for the subdued glam. Sparkly semiprecious stones like jade, quartz, jasper, tiger’s eye, or carnelian may look flashy, but are captivating nonetheless.

Sterling silver and gold necklaces are elegant fashion pieces as well. An imagery, symbol, or a stylized name on pendants adds both inspirational and sentimental value on neckpieces making them the ideal gift. Pairing your necklace with set rings and earrings completes the package. Timeless trends also include seashell and bead necklaces. Others opt for charm pendants and other adornments like bones, barks, coins, or synthetic flowers on their neck pieces.

Tiered beads or textured wooden beads are odd, but bold choices. For cheap alternatives, go for gems made of glass-stone acrylic, or be creative and craft your signature necklace with knots, threads, loops, wires, and layers.  

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