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Jewelleries compliment and complete one’s outfit. Be it a diamond ring, a pearl necklace, swarovski earrings, or a silver bracelet, these accessories can add glitter and charm to an otherwise dull getup.

There’s more to picking the perfect pair of stones for your ears. While most women would just purchase what is trendy or whatever catches their attention, wearing the right design can enhance one’s facial features. Knowing one’s face shape is important to know which style would suit you best. Studs are composed of a single gem o semi-precious stone sitting right into the earlobes. Despite being the most basic, they fit all face types and can be worn in whatever occasion.

Teardrop or dewdrop earrings are also composed of gemstones, with gold or silver embellishments. These are crafted to dangle down the earlobe and are also perfect for all face types. Chandeliers are combinations of studs and teardrops, while clusters are packed with rhinestones and other flashy material. These types of earrings would fit round and heart-shaped faces.

Hoops are made of flat or round metal pieces that hang on the earlobes. Huggies and clamps are similar to hoops, only a bit smaller. Both styles are best for square-shaped faces, and narrow faces.

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