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Spend Your Precious Time Wisely

Travel the world without losing track of time. Here at PricePanda, we can provide you with a full range of high quality and long-lasting timepieces from top-notch brands such as Guess, Seiko, Casio, Timex, Orient, Armani Exchange, Garmin, Fossil, Titus, Nixon, and so on. Save time, money, and effort as we allow you to refine your search options according to your preferred price range and other specifications. Let us help you in choosing which type of watch fit your needs and lifestyle.

Chronograph Watches

The most popular and luxurious watches in the market are chronographs. They are either mechanical or quartz type. A mechanical type makes use of gears to measure the passage of time while quartz watches ticks with electron circuits and battery systems to function. Their common features include manual wind settings and digital date stamp display. Majority of watch manufacturers also infuse jewels such as sapphire and ruby as well as precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They are perfect accessories when wearing formal and during business meetings.

Different Styles for Different People

For the fashion trendy, there are also timekeepers that can fit to any style of clothing. If you love going to the beaches, wear a waterproof wristwatch. If you are a backpacker type who likes travelling and trekking, gear up with a rugged-styled watch that features a compass. You can also choose to customize your watch by changing its strap. Plexiglass or more commonly called as plastic are more versatile and less expensive compared with watch bands made of steel. Plastic or rubber can also go in different colors. If your favorite color is brown, you can also choose those made of leather and other strands of organic plants.

On Smartwatches

Stay fit and keep a track record of your exercises by wearing smartwatches that offer sports and fitness monitoring features, which include alarms, countdown timers, workout memory, and other simple specifications you might need. Some smartwatches come with LCD and mini digital displays where you can update your social media accounts in Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can also listen to your favorite music playlists on iTunes with Apple’s new timepiece, the Watch. Android fans will also love Asus ZenWatch and Sony Smartwatch as they can listen to their favorite soundtracks with Apps like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Pandora.

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