Clothing Accessories: Best prices in Malaysia

Spice up your outfit with the right accessories!

You may think that you're already donning the perfect outfit but think again. With a touch of sparkle, a weather appropriate shades, and a statement bag, you can make your nice outfit a sensation. Walk the streets of the Central Business District with a sleek well tailored attire topped off with some polarized oversized sunglasses and handbag (or man purse). Create an edgy yet not over the top look while maintaining comfort with hats, scarves--not the ones for winter but the lighter ones you can use to accentuate an outfit, and a classic leather belt. By mixing and matching the right set of accessories with your dress, tops, pants, jeans, suit, etc, you expand the content of your closet and you styling options. Even the smaller things like a simple stud earring, or small hoops, a pretty headband, or an eye-catching hair clip are capable of turning your look from drab to fab.


Bags, hats, watches, sunglasses, and bling! Which set suits you best?

When we say accessory classic jewelry and bling first comes to mind, but be aware that they are not limited to those. Some even serve a specific utility and are just not for mere aesthetics. Take the humble belt for instance, they support us, they got are wait (or hips), er, covered, and they make sure that our trousers, skirt or shorts don't fall off saving you from an embarrassing situation. They can also style up an outfit, an oversized belt or a kimono belt can be used to accentuate the waist and a simple dress or loose top. A loose saddle belt on the other hand can be worn to avoid monotony in a maxi dress or to make a denim skirt of trousers look even more rugged, let your personality and style decide.

Malaysia is bag crazy, and we mean that in a nice way. Guys are no longer confined to backpacks (North Face, Eastpack, JanSport, Kipling, and the very hipster Burton and Fjällräven are some well loved brands) laptop bags and messenger bags (Freitag, Timbuktu are two favorites), there's now wide collection of man-purse or murse if you will, from well known companies and even famous designers like Prada and Bottega Veneta. As for the ladies, you have your baguette, barrel, bowling bags, bucket bags, clutches, doctor's bag, drawstrings, half-moon, hobo, kiondo, saddle purse, satchel, totes, and trapezoids. With branded bags enjoying a huge following especially those made by Prada, LV, Chanel, Coach, Tory Burch, MCM bags, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and more budget friendly ones like those from Charles and Keith. Store your belongings and show off your personal style by donning any one of these babies.

Do you prefer a simpler style that is more subdued? Then the old reliable wristwatch and sunglasses are for you. Though watches has been relegated to the position of "jewelry" because of the advent of smartphones, they still make a fine addition to your collection. An elegant piece for instance from Omega, Rolex, Bering, and Tudor can be show stoppers. They exude elegance and discerning taste. Of course casual one like those from Casio and Michael Kors are an alternative if you are on budget. Save your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and look like a celebrity by putting on some polarized shades from Oakley (known for their special Asian line that suits Asian bone structure while providing the functionality that they are known for) and the classic aviators from Ray Ban.

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