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Burberry: A Legacy of Exclusive British Heritage Style

Burberry Group plc is fashion house founded in 1856 that produces quintessentially British style, it’s iconic trench coat mac has come to be the epitome of London city chic. The brand enjoys global appeal and desirability thanks to its recognisable check prints and Equestrian Knight Device heritage icons which carry with them the connotations of luxury, refined taste and Regent Street charm that Burberry has come to be associated with. The reputation of the brand is one of high quality craftsmanship and their clothes and accessories have long been status symbols for the wealthy, the famous and the elite. With their perfumes they offer a glimpse into a previously unattainable lifestyle of glamour and gold, and with their sunglasses they offer the chance to remain as hidden as the stars. The brand offers three main collections Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit. Prorsum is the high end, catwalk collection that provides the aspirational spirit of the designs. Burberry London is for workday chic and Burberry Brit offers more casual weekend wear.

Burberry Blue Label is another subsidiary of the Burberry brand tailored towards a young and trendy Japanese target market. The products on offer are some of their more affordable, contributing to the popularity of the products. What started off as a nod towards their female cult following in Japan with blue and pink pastel handbags quickly expanded into 7 Burberry Blue Label stores with a for him section and a variety of other products such as shoes, coats, and other accessories.

The Iconic Trench: For Him and Her

The trench coat is perhaps most emblematic of all Burberry clothing of the brand values “Protect, Explore, Inspire”. Crafted from gabardine, a strong and waterproof material that Thomas Burberry, the original founder is credited with inventing. The secret lies in the strands of fabric being waterproofed individually before they are woven into shape giving them the special protective edge that enabled the first person to reach the South Pole. Today of course, they are mainly used to keep the wind and rain off of city dwellers on their commute, however as Burberry’s project “Art of the Trench” attests to: it’s not only the dreaded London weather that suits the mac so spectacularly. All over the world, from Seoul to Brazil, Shanghai to India, the trench again and again demonstrates its versatility and universal allure. Wearing the Burberry trench coat has become synonymous with exquisite taste and high refinement, with celebrity campaigns including English A-Listers such as Emma Watson, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne.

Fragrances as Distinctive as the London Rain

Burberry perfumes have long been coveted by fashionable women everywhere. Their fragrances “for her” are distinctive, desirable and exclusive. They present a strong persona combined with feminine delicacy. Their campaigns often feature the iconic mac and the Burberry lifestyle. One cannot think of one without evoking the other. Perfumes are also a way to encapsulate the brand without the larger price tag associated with the premium brand. Like Blue Label, the perfumes are within the price bracket that is accessible for most people, and work especially well as gifts and luxury personal treats.

Eyewear that gets you noticed

Yet another iconic fashion accessory belonging to Burberry is the eyewear. Spectacles and sunglasses both enjoy widespread celebrity attention. The designs, such as the sunglasses aviators, are classic, and suit most faces. For the eyeglasses, the designs are usually a stylish, minimalist thick black frame, with a simple yet well balanced shape. Oversized frames are also an option, for those who prefer a more modern look. Whether you prefer oversized or understated, the legacy of Burberry ensures a striking and compelling look.

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