Bose Head Phones: Best prices in Malaysia (30 Items found)

Bose Headphones: Consistently Excellent

Since 1997 the American company has made a name for itself as one of the best places to buy reliable, well performing headphones. They have consistently produced excellent products at the forefront of new technology, with their active noise cancelling features praised as the frontline of innovation in over-head and in-earphones. While their image won’t add to your street cred like “Beats” by Dr. Dre , nor set off your fashionable style like the Sennheiser products, Bose appeals to the middle aged ex-band member in us all. The sound quality is dependable, the aesthetics are… dependable and the headphones have a reputation for lasting a long, enduring lifespan. The company philosophy states that with them, you get the best sound possible for your money, and their continual research into new technology in sound reproduction ensures that this is possible.

Innovation in Wireless and Noise Cancelling Headphones

Aside from reliability, durability and superior sound quality, Bose is the first association with technical superiority in noise cancelling devices. The in-ear products rival the performance of any full size headphones and all come with an “awareness mode”, meaning that users are able to hear their music while simultaneously listening to their surroundings when necessary. These top-range listening devices are ideal for frequent flyers and commuters who may need to occasionally listen out for travel updates, while lacking the time or free hands to keep removing headphones. Unlike many other competitors, Bose makes no attempt to disguise or integrate the larger battery pack necessary for the extra power these headphones need. However, the slim battery is able to simply slip into your pocket alongside the mobile listening device, and shouldn’t cause extra problems.

They also offer wireless headphones, ideal for those relaxing at home or working out, removing the worry of yanking or entangling wires with sudden movement. The bluetooth headphones, which are Blackberry and Windows compatible are able to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and is able to switch between two devices for your convenience.

Comparative Sound Quality

Bose’s excellent reputation should speak for itself, however there are those who contest the claim that you always get the best sound quality for your money. They believe that higher price tag, particularly on the top-range active noise cancelling in ear headphones, isn’t justified by the sound quality. However, when you opt out of this added feature, the price range drops significantly. The tone is balanced and and the notes are crisp and clear. One thing is for certain, Bose do not add on extra price tag for the brand name. While not limited to classical music, Bose is perfect for the “classic” audio range: spoken word, most music before the 00’s, contemporary indie and pop. However, if you are looking for the intense bass tones found in drum and bass and some rap music, “Beats” by Dr Dre may be the superior choice for you. All of the devices, including the necessarily larger over ear, are built with the concept of lightness in mind and the materials of the cushioning are super smooth, rivalling Sennheiser's use of luxury materials, even if not quite matching the smoothness of style.

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