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The Canadian manufacturer behind the range of BlackBerry phones is also a developer of software applications. It is best known, however, for the BlackBerry mobile device it released in 1999 and which has since sold millions of units by way of its various reincarnations. Nowadays, BlackBerry is still a popular choice for users around the world. This page on PricePanda gives you a breakdown on the BlackBerry products available to you in South East Asia.


Blackberry – The first of its kind


Blackberry is actually the first of its class to come out with the electronic scheduler. When the mobile craze started, they decided to come up with their own versions as well and another major smart phone market contender was born. But what makes them different enough that they were able to maintain their share of the market? The answer is that they have established quite a name and are more than willing to innovate.


A brief history about Blackberry


Blackberry is the third major rival in the Smartphone craze. In the old days, the brand Blackberry was deemed to be one that is almost exclusive to the executive class only. The PDAs (personal digital assistants) from this brand were used only by people who wore suits – people in a corporate environment. These people use the devices for business purposes and to send and receive emails and maintain communication. They were kind of a monopoly back then, in terms of business communications.


Blackberry also decided to get in the smartphone market. The target of the company is the hip, younger market who wants to stay connected and go all social. The style of the keypad of the Blackberry is rather round - the buttons on the keyboard looks like the fruit. That is their trademark. The keyboard still has a QWERTY style - just like in typewriters and computers. Very business-like, indeed!


Product variants from Blackberry


The phones they produce typically come with highly compact designs that can easily fit in the left chest pocket which business executives typically wear. This mobile device uses the Blackberry OS. Apparently, they want to be completely different and would rather not use the same operating system that their rival uses. They are proud to have their own.


Blackberry also has its own tablets. It is typically similar in terms of uses from the other tablets; the only difference is that it has the Blackberry Tablet OS.


To stay in the competition, the company also developed and launched a touch-screen mobile device. They even have a QWERTY keyboard device that also has touch-screen on it. If you get bored with one input method, you can use the other.


Blackberry is a close third in the mobile phone market. But this brand will still be here to stay. They have upgraded their operating system for a newer version. The Blackberry 10 is used by its newest versions which are the blackberry Z10 and Q10. As long as there are still upgrades and innovations in the market, they would be able to compete with the big players.


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