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Engage with your Music like the Artist meant it to Be: Discover Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones


Imagine for a moment what music means to you. If it’s simple entertainment, quality won’t matter. But if you truly love music, if you really adore your favorite artists, trust their taste and sincerely want to enter into contact with what they really wanted their music to sound like, how it is supposed by them to reach your eardrums, your brain and your heart, then it’s a totally different story. To fully connect to your best tunes, Beats by Dr.Dre’s headphones are the best choice available today on the market. Not just because their sound quality is of excellent level: it's the special equalization of sounds, the balance of note frequencies and the emphasis of bass that make these headsets pretty unique.


Founded in 2008 by the rapper and hip hop producer Dr.Dre in collaboration with Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records, these music accessories are designed and tested by people who actually know how music sounds in a recording studio and want to deliver that same experience to the listeners. Unsatisfied by the low qaudio quality reproduced by iPods white earbuds, the pair wanted to deliver to the market something that actually could enhance and respect the music how the artists themselves wanted it to be. Collaboration with recognized pop and hip hop artists, like Pharrell and M.I.A., was the first step towards perfecting their idea. Thanks to their industry contacts, they were able to mobilize the whole artist community to promote and make the Beats brand popular. After an initial collaboration with Monster and a following HTC ownership, the company is now fully owned by Apple, which integrated the headphones in its stores and marketing, boosting even more the already skyrocketing stardom of the Us music venture.


Perfecting Sound and Comfort


Their original, iconic design is nowadays so unmistakable that almost no music fan will miss them in the street or in the club. The “b” of Beats is today a trademark for music professionals, DJs, and everyone who cannot give up listening to their jam anywhere, on the move, in the gym and on the job. Everywhere you are, you can be sure that Dr.Dre’s technology won’t let your expectations down. The science of audio does matter for them: music professionals themselves, they know how instruments, voices and beats are supposed to sound. Before launching a new product, countless trials and prototypes are carried out to figure out the best way not just to deliver quality, but also to work best for the end user. Its value goes way beyond looks. Extreme quality and purity of frequencies are reached by an absolutely precise work of audio equalization, thought to recreate the sensation of being inside a professional recording studio, exactly in front of the artist. Nuisance and clarity are guaranteed by advanced noise cancellation tech, including heavy padding on the earbuds, to maximize isolation from external noise, plus Adaptive Noise Canceling mode, that contrasts and deletes unwanted sound from the outside. You can be sure that, when you are wearing a pair of Dr.Dre’s headphones, nothing and no one can disturb you and your music.


What clearly distinguishes the company from the rest is its uncanny devotion to user experience. That is why the charm of these headsets goes much more in-depth than mere looks. The Studio Wireless headphones are meant to accompany your life all day long, with long-lasting battery of up to 20 hours playback, with the absolute freedom of no cables attached. Your tunes flow directly from your smartphone, MP3 player or other device to your headset, smoothly and flawlessly, while you work, train, study and in any moment where you need the right mood to go. Solo2 are the easiest to carry around, with streamlined design and extreme custom-fit feeling, while providing the same, wide and high-fidelity quality. The Mixr series is created to satisfy the need of professional DJs, who need perfect isolation, flexibility and resistance during transportation, while the Pro series is dedicated to actual music producers who need a high quality product that delivers extreme fidelity both in higher notes and lower frequencies, while still feeling perfectly comfortable after long hours sessions at the mixer.


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