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Welcome to the ASUS page on PricePanda, where you will find the top products from this Taiwanese manufacturer to suit all your tech needs. Starting out as a humble computer motherboard manufacturer, ASUS now makes products in almost every area of IT, including PC components, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Read up here on the devices from this trusted brand.


ASUS, Excellence through Expertise

  ASUS Laptops

True computing enthusiasts choose ASUS. An untouched passion for excellence drives the Taiwanese company, and users from different ways of life and with different demands all recognize it in full. Currently ranking as the 5th largest PC vendor in total number of sales at global level, commitment and expertise are the secret of their success: passionate users creating products knowing exactly what the users want. Offering a huge portfolio of personal computing devices, including notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones of all kind of sizes and for all kind of budgets, yet keeping the same eye for design and performance that distinguishes them from the crowd, this brand will add value to your life. On this page, find out all the items currently listed on our website, compare specs and prices and pick your favorite one effortlessly.


Not your Average Laptop


In the laptop world, there is probably no segment left untouched by this brand. Design, power, convenience, fun and entertainment, they got it all covered for anyone and everyone. If you are looking for a notebook that will be able to back you up in all your virtual activities, the VivoBook is ready to become your best mate for a long time. Colorful, bright, powerful, it is the ideal choice for any kind of user. Absolute value for money, with high definition display, spacious storage memory and long-lasting battery life. If you are attracted by unique design, quality materials and impressive graphics, then move forward to the ZenBook series. Inspired in its minimalistic look by zen philosophy, it delivers greatness and astonishment through simplicity. Stunning resolution with rich, vivid colors, combined with superior sound fidelity and seamless processing will leave you speechless from the first time you turn it on. Elegance, beauty and might, the perfect synergy for outstanding operability and entertainment.


Not just cool appearance, but also roaring hardware await the true gamers in the ROG (Republic of Gamers) series. Gaming equipment designed, engineered and brought to life by true hard gamers, who know what the heaviest, demanding video games demand from a computer. Breakin the common barriers of personal computing, by potentiating the system to the limit. Increased RAM memory, faster responsiveness and dedicated options to facilitate system tweaking for fan speed and overclocking settings. The choice of hard-core gamers.


Mobility 2.0

  ASUS Phablets

Fan of mobility? Then leave your laptop at home and get your hands on one of this absolutely fabulous tablets. The MeMoPad series presents you some of the most advanced hardware in mobile format, perfect for users of any age. Bring your music and videos wherever you go, work and learn from wherever you are. Convenience, versatility, efficiency, all in one. More than any other device, though, is the Transformer Book line that can fully be entitled as the most flexible device in the family. Don’t be satisfied by 1 when you can get 2: simply detach the screen from the keyboard to transform your notebook in a tablet in seconds. After you use it, plug it back in for further storage space and battery life. Not enough? Forget about 2 and get 5-in-one, adding an Android smartphone into the Windows 8 tablet’s back side: increased versatility, with two OS living symbiotically and even more portability options.


ZenFone is design, PadFone is versatility. Get more out of your mobile life with one of these smartphones. The same care infused in the ZenBook line is put in this zen-inspired phones, bonding harmonious looks with heavenly entertainment features. On the other hand, the PadFone brings mobile device compatibility to the next level, presenting mobile phones that can be connected to bigger tablet screens for better viewing for better visibility, but also work as standalone gadgets when portability is necessary. Tired of switching among equipments? Then grab one of these FonePads, a series especially dedicated to phablets. Smaller tablets with call capability, or, as you prefer, smartphones with wide screens, so that all the functions of both device worlds are merged into only one body.


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