How to buy a baby stroller in Australia

Your 2019 guide to buying the right stroller or pram for your needs, plus a quick rundown of five of the most popular models on Getprice.

Choose a baby stroller well and it can serve through generations of babies. A good stroller is a delight to use – a bad one can ruin many days.

First and foremost, it must be comfortable for the baby. You don’t need to buy a premium stroller to make baby’s travels blissful, many good value models have quality materials lining the seat, as well as adjustable seating positions. Many allow fully reclined positions, or even reversing of the the seat so baby is facing you.

It must also be comfortable for you to use, and that means good handgrips with folding and locking controls within easy reach – preferably with one-handed operation. Big wheels are important if you regularly travel across uneven surfaces, or grass, and suspension is a real help here – and you can save a few dollars by choosing a model with front-only suspension yet still provide baby with a dreamy ride. Pivoting front wheels offer better manoeuvrability, and the better models have ball-bearing joints for smooth action.

Your first decision, though, will be whether to go for a three- or four-wheel stroller. Generally speaking, a three-wheeler will be slightly easier to push around thanks to the lighter overall weight, reduced rolling resistance and easier pivoting and a more compact size. A four wheel stroller offers greater stability – though this doesn’t necessarily mean three-wheeled strollers are more prone to tipping – any well designed three-wheeler should be perfectly stable. If folding into a small size is a priority then a three wheel stroller is going to offer better versatility in that department. Some even conform to airline carry on size restrictions.

The size of the umbrella is also very important. While a larger umbrella takes up a little more space, the added sun, wind and rain protection is often worth the compromise.

Storage capacity is critical, as too is how the storage is integrated. The better strollers have a generous sling under the seat for easy access items, and some offer storage suspended from the handles. If you think you’ll be regularly needing maximum storage space then definitely look for one that comes with an included rear bag. It’s important for safety that you don’t unbalance the stroller with your own heavy bag, which is why a stroller that includes a bag that has been designed to carry loads without affecting stability is so important.

For the absolute final word on safety, make sure the stroller you are considering meets the Australian AS/NZS 2088 standard.

Not sure about what models you should be considering? Here are five of the most popular on Getprice for 2019.

Britax Steelcraft Agile 4

RRP: $299 | More info: Official Britax product page

This is one of Australia’s most popular strollers – and with good reason. The Steelcraft Agile 4 is a sturdy four-wheeler with swivelling front wheels with built-in suspension, so it’s a breeze to control, is a comfortable ride for baby and offers good stability. The thoughtful design extends to the simple one hand folding device that locks the frame automatically and also serves as a comfortable carry handle. One-hand control for recline is another nice convenience feature. Weighing in at just 7.5kg it’s easily portable yet offers big-pram features like a roomy basket and a nice big canopy to keep the sun and elements away from baby.

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Babyzen Yoyo+

RRP: $749.99 | Official Babyzen product page

Babyzen's Yoyo+ is a stroller that you can often spot at airports – and there's a key reason for that: it's perfect for travel thanks to a light carry weight and the fact that it folds up smaller than almost any other competitor, meaning it can safely be taken aboard planes and stowed in overhead lockers. Despite that compactness, it features a solid four wheel design, with a roomy basket slung underneath for storage. Additionally, there's a wide range of accessories, such as the Yoyo+ Rolling Bag that securely attaches to the rear of the pram and adds another wheel, ensuring an even weight balance and that there’s no chance of tipping. That bag can hold up to 10kg, making it a lifesaver for extended days on the go when you need to pack everything, and you can also add extras like a cup holder, mosquito netting or even a special 'board' that allows a larger child to ride on the back of the stroller.

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Maclaren M-02 Stroller

RRP: $229.99 | More info: Official Maclaren website

An excellent all-rounder, the Maclaren M02 is loved for its high quality construction and durable materials. Australians looking for a good value stroller that’s also a delight to use have taken a shine to the Maclaren, with its aluminium frame and resultant light weight being especially appreciated. This stroller has fairly large wheels, so can handle rough surfaces or a stroll on the grass at the local park with ease.

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Bugaboo Bee 5

RRP: $875 | More info: Official Bugaboo product page

At the premium end of the market sits this beauty, and when you stack up the abundance of outstanding features its value becomes apparent. Still priced at least half of the cost of a top of the line model, the Bugaboo Bee 5 offers everything for urban parents. The slick design looks fantastic – but the real focus here is on comfort, usability and reliability. Baby’s comfort is assured thanks to the soft quilted Microfleece lining, as well as the outstanding suspension design. A particularly nice feature is the reversible seat – in moments you can switch baby from a world-facing view to looking back at you – so you can always monitor the little one. Active urban parents can rely on the Bugaboo Bee 5 for all-day adventuring, and many years of use thanks to top quality build and materials.

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Mountain Buggy Nano V2

RRP: $399 | More info: Official Mountain Buggy product page

Here’s an exceptional choice if portability and ease of use is paramount. A champion featherweight at a mere 5.7kg, the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 also folds into a remarkably compact form, making it ideal for trips when you’re frequently loading and unloading the car – and on those kinds of days you’ll appreciate the built-in car seat adaptor. The super compact size when folded has also been specifically designed to meet airline restrictions for carry-on items, topping off a very appealing set of features for travellers or parents on the go. It even has a full first-class lie flat seat, as well as a two-position recline.

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