Most popular small & medium fridges in Australia in 2019

We uncover five of the most searched-for fridges under 600L on Getprice.

Every modern Australian home, big or small, will have need for a refrigerator, whether it’s a Mitsubishi, Samsung, Westinghouse, LG, or Waeco. In fact, the fridge is arguably the most important kitchen appliance for sale today – and they come in many, many shapes and sizes. Bar fridges, mini fridges, or minibars are all essentially the same thing – a tiny fridge like what you get in most hotel rooms – which has a variety of use cases, but is often a backup or secondary device to a main larger fridge. There are also a range of more specialised devices – wine fridges, for example, have a pretty obvious function. 

On this page we’re looking at devices that constitute a small or medium fridge (a refrigerator with a capacity under 600 litres), which will cover most family and small household needs, but if you want to check out larger and French door fridges, we’ve got a page for that too. If you know what you want, buying refrigerators online is great because you get to compare prices on the whole range from the comfort of your desk, but we’ve made the choice a little easier on you by selecting five of the most popular medium refrigerators available in Australia today.


RRP: $1,549 | More info: Official LG product page

With a bottom-mounted freezer compartment and large upper refrigeration section, this energy efficient (4.5 star rating) 454L fridge is the perfect size for a small-to-moderate family kitchen. It packs in neat features, such as air vents that rapidly cool any items placed in the doors, a humidity setting for fruit and veg, and 2-step folding shelves to make room for taller bottles. It’s available in White, Black, Stainless Steel or Graphite colours and measures 700mm wide and deep, standing 1,720mm tall.

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Mitsubishi Electric MR-EX574X

RRP: $3,299 | More info: Official Mitsubishi product page

This is an incredibly premium multi-drawer fridge, aimed at households that takes their cooking and cold food storage seriously. A mammoth 574 litre capacity contains no less than four major compartments – a main spacious refrigeration area, vegetable drawer, a freezer drawer, and Mitsubishi’s Vers Drawer which can either offer supercool freezing or soft freezing. Measuring 1,696mm tall, 685mm wide, and 735mm deep, this bad boy will still fit in most regular fridge spaces, but offers a lot more versatility than some of its simpler competition.

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Westinghouse WTB2500WG

RRP: $699 | More info: Official Westinghouse product page

For a more affordable, standard option, this 250L top-mount fridge from Westinghouse has a small freezer portion on top and a refrigeration section beneath, both of which feature plenty of organisational shelving, racks and more. Despite all the organising elements, much of it can be rearranged to meet the demands of your ever-changing refrigeration journey. This Westinghouse measures 540mm wide, 615mm deep, and 1,505mm tall, so it’s ideal for slightly smaller space.

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Mitsubishi MR-BF390EK

RRP: $1,299 | More info: Official Mitsubishi product page

A sizable 390 litre capacity is divided into a 105 litre bottom-mounted freezer compartment and a 285 litre top refrigeration section. As with the other Mitsubishi fridge on the list, this one features an inverter compressor to keep the temperature stable at all times, along with tempered glass shelves and all the modularity and adjustability you’d come to expect from a fridge of this quality. Available in either white or black and measuring 600mm wide, 686mm deep and 1,720mm tall, this will fit in most moderately-sized kitchens.

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Palsonic PW239TFR

RRP: $499 | More info: Official Palsonic product page

If you’re looking for a smaller option on a budget, this bad boy from Palsonic will certainly get the job done and then some. Measuring 545mm wide, 623mm deep and 1,522mm tall it’ll fit in most kitchens and, thanks to its modular design, can adapt to suit your needs. The standard inclusions like a vegetable crisper and automatically defrosting 67 litre freezer will keep your food fresh for less fuss.

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