Best lawn mowers in Australia: The most popular models on Getprice

Discover the best lawn mowers in Australia with our list of the most searched-for models and brands on Getprice in 2019.

Mowing the lawn can be either meditative or a chore, depending on a bunch of factors. Chief among these factors is whether you’ve got a lawn mower cut out for the task at hand, and there’s a lot to consider when making a new purchase. There are a slew of brands to choose from, including big names like John Deere, Husqvarna, Stihl and Victa, but it’s less the brands and more the specifications you want to look out for: if you’ve got a large lawn, you’ll want either a petrol or battery-powered lawn mower. If you’ve got a small urban yard and don’t mind lassoing a power cord around, an electric lawn mower is probably better for you, but overall, they’re still fairly niche.

Nowadays, you’ll almost definitely be buying a four-stroke petrol lawn mower, with two-stroke variants being phased out due to new emissions laws. There's now also the option of a lithium-battery powered mower, which just needs to be recharged at a regular power socket in between uses.

No matter which power source type you opt for, you’ll want to keep in mind the cutting diameter of your lawn mower’s blades: this basically determines how efficient the mower is, and the wider the blade length is quicker you’ll get the job done. The largest you’ll usually find is around 60cm, or 24 inches. Oh, and if you happen to live on a farm or have a very big lawn, there are ride-on lawn mowers too, though this list won’t cover those.

Here are some of the most popular mowers on the Australian market at the moment, based on our search data:


Victa Commando 19" Walk Behind Mower (VCMS484)

Priced from: $599 | More info: Official Victa Australia website

This petrol powered push mower boasts 19 inch (48 cm) blades, so it’s well-suited to medium to large yards. Victa claims it’s especially adept at cutting clean through even thick wet grass: good if you want to get the mowing done in the early morning dew!

Baumr-AG E-Force 360 II Lithium Powered Cordless Lawn Mower

Priced from: $399.97  | More info: Official Baum-AG Australia product page

For those in the market for a battery powered mower, this Baumr is among the most popular. It only has a 37cm cutting blade width, and you’ll definitely not want to tackle long grass across big lawns: this is for well-maintained small gardens, though the 40V battery charges in less than 3 hours.

Giantz Lawn Mower 165cc Lawn Mower

Priced from: $379.95

This model has an electric self-start function, meaning you won’t be tugging away to get it running. It boasts an 18 inch blade (around 46 cm), a 165cc four-stroke engine, and a 65-litre grass catcher so that you won’t be making trips to the green bin every five minutes.

Shogun 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

Priced from: $399.97

A decent and affordable four-stroke petrol lawnmower with an impressive 21 inch (53 cm) blade and easy-starting system, this one includes rear bagging, mulching and side discharging functionality, giving you some options as to how to dispose of your offcuts.

Black Eagle Self Propelled 18" 160cc Lawn Mower (EX490SN)

Priced from: $345

This 160cc four-stroke petrol lawn mower has an 18 inch blade (46 cm) and a substantial 65-litre plastic catch. It also has self-propel functionality and a deck wash function. And just quietly, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing too...

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