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Apple - creating a Smartphone Revolution with the iPhone

On the 27th of June 2007 the mobile telephone world changed as we know it. This was the day that Steve Jobs officially launched the iPhone (now affectionately labelled the ‘original iPhone’) at the Worldwide Developers Conferences with a host of new software and other Apple updates. This ultimately created a new market of phones, the smartphone.


Following the launch of their newest revolutionary product, the company sold just 6 million units before launching it’s successor, iPhone 3G in 2008. Since then Apple has consistently released an upgraded model almost every year with the latest to launch being the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In this 8 year period there have been just 8 new models released which compared to Samsung smartphones who have several ranges and models out at any given time, this is very few indeed. However keeping the market from being flooded with their products has kept an exclusivity about their products creating an eager anticipation around their annual conferences every year and with their sales reaching almost 170 million units sold in 2014 nobody can deny that they know exactly what they are doing.

One part of the iPhone success: Their sophisticated Design

Since the first Macintosh personal computer was released in 1984 it was evident that the company was making design of the utmost importance when it comes to their products. For all Apple products including laptops, iPads, iTouch and iPods, there is a familiarity in both design and function that keeps users coming back, and this in turn has created a devoted following for the product and brand and the iPhone is a perfect culmination of these elements. The overall design language of the iPhone has not changed in the last 8 years but rather been interpreted differently depending on different trends and technological advances. The most recent iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus is the epitome of sophisticated design. During creation every material and element is closely scrutinized enabling designers to produce a thinner and more comfortable phone for the user. There have been 8 different iPhones release but of these there has really only been 5 different designs, each being larger yet slimmer and lighter than it’s predecessor. The current model (iPhone 6) weighs just 129g and is a tiny 6.9mm thin which is just over half the depth of the original model. Its smooth aluminum body fully encompases the new HD retina display touch screen and 8MP camera with seamless precision. The main design difference that this smartphone has to its competitors is its famous unibody. Where companies like Samsung, Nokia and Motorola are still producing phones with removable back plates and batteries, Apple has continued to manufacture unibody designs, changing materials from model to model. Some people may see this as a loss for Apple as a removable battery allows for people to have multiple interchangeable batteries resulting in less charging. As always, people have found ways to change iPhone batteries but it is difficult to say the least.


The Most Advanced Operating System

When designing a new model they also create new software which will enhance the experience for the user and in Apple’s case, the software is just as seamless as it’s design. Like the iPhone iOS has seen constant updates with major updates being consistent with the release of a new model. The latest update is iOS 8 which was announced with the 6 and 6 Plus. Luckily for those who don’t have the ability or the funds to upgrade their phones every time a new one is released the software updates give users of older models a little taste of what they might experience. The company announced that iOS 8 was ‘the biggest iOS release ever’ in true Apple style hype. Users of phones as far back as the iPhone 4S, launched in 2011 can enjoy new iOS 8 features including more settings and filters on the camera, new spotlight search and the new health app. However with the newest model of the phone in conjunction with the new phone users can see even more enhanced features and settings. Messages can now be sent via voice message and location can be shared with those you are in contact. Super slow motion as well as Time Lapse is available in the camera setting among new photo editing features included in the iOS 8 photos app as well as a host of preinstalled apps designed to make the most of the A8 chip’s 64 bit desktop-class architecture. Another newly anticipated feature to be released is the introduction of Apple Pay. A system which utilizes the Touch ID sensor on the home button making online shopping and purchased even easier and more secure. Other smartphones have introduced similar technologies but once again Apple have really nailed this concept. You no longer have to enter card or shipping details and more and more retails outlets are starting to incorporate this option in their direct payments including PayPal and McDonalds!

Make Your Decision Easy and Keep the Price Low

Whether you are a devoted Apple follower or just a fan of their simple easy to use software there is no denying that Apple is the leading trend setter and creator of smartphones. People line for days prior to the launch of a new product just to be the first to get their hands on a piece of history and join the millions of people who are realising the benefits of using an apple a day. At Price Panda we also realise that people want to join this group of technically sophisticated people but don’t always have the budget to do so. So we offer a wide range of Apple smartphones, not just the latest but models from the 3GS all the way up to the 6 Plus, with storage options from 8GB right up to 128GB, at prices that suit everyones budget. We also realise that peoples lives aren’t as fragile as what Apple allows so here you can also shop for the perfect iPhone case to personalize and protect your most recent and loved purchase. So start shopping. Choose your model, choose your accessories, choose your price and buy it securely from a store you know and trust!