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Amazon – The largest online retail destination, Inc. is an electronic commerce company based in Seattle, Washington. The American company offers one of the world’s largest retail services. Starting as an online store aimed at selling books, Amazon expanded its services to sell music, software, electronic products, apparel and various other things. Users can browse through the online catalogue of various product categories including books, electronic items, etc. and make purchases. also provides international shipping to various countries.


The online bookstore


Amazon started its services as an online bookstore when it was founded in 1994. Being an online bookstore with virtually more number of books than could be offered by a traditional bookstore, Amazon made a name for itself quickly. Amazon Books offer books at competitive prices and sometimes with discounts as well. Books from a large number of categories are available through the website. A board of editors also picks out selected good books and offer suggestions to buy those from Amazon. The online catalogue is always up-to-date and bestsellers are also available.


Kindle Books and Kindle


Amazon attracted mainstream appreciation with the release of its electronic reader, the Amazon Kindle. These e-book readers allow users to read e-books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc purchased through a wireless network. There have been several versions of the Kindle which initially featured the e-ink technology. It now comes with an 8.9-inch LCD display too. entered the tablet PC market with the release of its Amazon Kindle Fire, which runs on Android OS.


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Amazon has seen impressive e-book sales under Amazon Books, even comparable to the sales of hardcover books. It has now become a huge online retail destination and offers products from A to Z. Kindle products can also be obtained from the PricePanda website. Anyone willing to buy the Kindle can do so by PricePanda. As we have a complete list of Kindle products with the best prices in Malaysia.