Acer Monitors: Best prices in Malaysia (3 Items found)

Acer, one of the biggest PC manufacturers

Acer is a multinational electronics and hardware company based in Taiwan. Acer's range of products includes laptop and desktop PCs, tablets, storage devices, servers, smart phones, displays and peripherals. They also provide services for e-business to consumer, governments, and businesses. Being the 4th biggest PC maker, Acer has shifted the business model from just manufacturing to designing, marketing and distributing products, while the production process is performed via contract manufacturers.

Main design and features of Acer desktops

Acer currently produces two series of desktops, the Acer Aspire series for general consumer use and the Acer Veriton series for business use. The Acer Aspire series of personal computers were targeted at casual users or small businesses. It was developed to cover all the bases, from essentials-only to high performance. The Veriton series of personal computers were designed for professionals and business users. Acer Veriton series is also known for its low energy consumption in all PCs labeled 'G' which meets many international standards such as EPEAT Silver, RoHS, Green Seal and ENERGY STAR 4.0.

The design of the Acer PC is minimalistic and sleek in most of their desktops. They come with plastic or metal cases and often look quite attractive for an inexpensive brand. They are also sized at an average size. They provide all kinds of connectivity required such as USB3.0, USB2.0, VGA, HDMI, card reader and PS/2 ports. The availability and number of these ports varies in different models. Keyboard and mouse included with the desktop are normally, extremely basic. Most Acer desktop PCs come with Intel Core processors, and also provide the Turbo-Boost where applicable. In recent years, the performance level of the Aspire has increased and is on par with the current mid-range desktops and it has achieved it through their strong showings in all areas.

Acer's Veriton’s range of business PCs, also have a very minimalistic and simple design that gives a very subdued aesthetic similar to other utilitarian designs. They come in various shapes, sizes, functionality and performance. They come in a variety of models offering various configurations. They run on the Intel Core, Pentium or Celeron family of processors.

Acer also produces the Acer Aspire Predator series that was designed to be marketed as a desktop for passionate gamers. Its design features a distinctively designed futuristic chassis that makes a bold statement. It also provides high performance component to ensure that a gamer is never interrupted by technical difficulties. The liquid-cooling option means the CPU can be over-clocked by tweaking the settings, making it very versatile.

Acer desktops prices in Malaysia

Acer Malaysia is known for very economical pricing on their products. Acer price of a desktop is such that you can get a decent configuration without burning a hole in your pocket. Prices like RM 929 for a CPU-alone Aspire AX1470-320F or RM 1688 for a similar Veriton VX2610G-G645PW are one of the main reasons for people's attraction towards these laptops. You can find all the prices and full specifications, as well as reviews from other people at PricePanda. We give you the latest price and information.