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Toshiba NB305-105

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12th November 2014
Toshiba NB305-105

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  • written on 26/11/2012
    Just the other day, my old laptop broke. Well, it has been already four years since I bought it when I entered college. When I was looking for a nice laptop to change my old one, I came across to this lite Toshiba laptop. It was the Toshiba NB305-105.
    The one that makes me interested in the laptop is because the laptop is really thin. This is perfect for me because I need my laptop in a lot of places so I will carry it a lot. Of course it is also light. The battery can last for 11 hours and that is awesome! Wireless connection is available and there is the audio output jack plus the USB driver. The internal memory is more than 1 Terra and that is enough for me who like to watch movies from my laptop.
    Carrying it around, using it in classes, all the activities can be done really easily with this Toshiba in my possession now. If you are a mobile person like me, this laptop will suit you just right.

Informative Overview of the Toshiba NB305

The stable and predictable landscape of cheap notebooks is beginning to bore the majority of the consumers market, so to receive a few occasional surprises is a welcome sight. In terms of its base features, the NB305 created by Toshiba is another quite average notebook by many standards. However there are one or two aspects of this model which do stand out and restore human faith in the idea of innovation.

Although it is more expensive than many other notebook models on the market, the NB305 is still completely affordable and improvements have been made since its predecessor, the Mini NB205. The new N450 Atom processor has extended the battery life of this model and the battery bulge which annoyed so many previous consumers has been transformed into something more modest. The overall design and construction of this product is as robust as it is sleek and the NB305 looks like a truly professional piece of kit, unlike many notebooks which instead seem to be unwanted children's Christmas presents. A separate configuration of this product is available too, the NB305-N310, which includes a different tapered keyboard. The power button is centralised above the main keyboard and this keyboard makes the best use of the real estate, running literally from edge to edge. By Netbook standards, the touchpad is quite large, yet will account for multiple fingers at the same time. The colours and icons apparent to the NB305 are excellent too, being bright and easy to see during daylight hours.


Interesting: Specs which Matter

Reading a review of this product is one of the best ways to accustom oneself to the exact specifications of this product, however some of the most obvious are that it runs on a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and includes 1GB of RAM. The hard drive is 250 GB and spins at 5400 rpm. An Intel GMA 3150 graphics card delivers a reasonable display and this device operates on a Windows 7 system. With a 10.1 inch screen this device is manageable and can be carried around easily in a bag or large pocket. The device includes numerous external ports including a VGA, headphone and microphone jacks, SD card readers and 2 USB hubs.

Price in Malaysia: Make a Great Deal

The price of this Toshiba model will vary between suppliers and will eventually descend as time passes by and new models emerge on the market. Numerous upgrades and accessories will become available for this product and visiting PricePanda is one of the best ways to remain updated about all of them. This comparison web site details prices on hundreds of models from a roster of different suppliers, meaning consumers can browse for the best deal until they are completely satisfied. Regular updates are posted about all new products.