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Product Overview

The All New Sony Xperia Miro: Fun and Social

Initially released towards the end of 2012 the Xperia Miro has proved to be one of the most popular phones ever launched by Sony. Available in a huge range of colors including black, pink, white and gold the phone marks a new era in the journey of smartphone. Beautiful and customisable the phones don't only look great, they pack a really powerful punch. Hidden under the bright, sleek exterior is some serious hardware that makes the Xperia one of the most capable devices of its kind on the market. Marketed initially as a fun, social network tool that's perfect for connecting you with your friends the Miro is also great when used as a social media device.

With good web connectivity and the capacity to capture and share music, videos and still images it is one of the first smartphones to truly embrace the potential of social media and the important role it can play in connecting and informing a new generation of technology users. The phone also proves itself to be one of the more affordable pieces of equipment. Targeted at young socially active people the pricing of the device reflects that, with Sony avoiding super high costs and offering the phone for a very reasonable amount. The Miro is a real all rounder.

The first look

More Powerful than Ever and with an Extended Battery Life

The Sony Miro uses the enormously popular Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, combining this with the Qualcomm system chip as well as dual core processing capacity. The phone does well when multitasking or swapping applications, and the impressive RAM specs mean that all round functionality and usability are good. Even the most demanding user will struggle to outrun the Miro as the device has been designed with quick usage in mind. The interface is also very user friendly which makes navigation from the home screen and around your applications and features fast fun and easy.

The 3.5 inch monitor has scratch resistant glass which makes the phone nicely utilitarian. There is also an impressive 320 x 480 LED display that will have your media bouncing off the monitor. The aesthetic of the phone is one of pared down simplicity. There are not a huge amount of buttons of the face of the device which leaves more room for the impressive LED monitor. The edges are sleek and curved and the simple plastic back is a clever cost saving measure that actually fits well with the phone unfussy and straightforward overall design. The producers have also cleverly used light and lighting to make the device a little different, by incorporating a couple of eye catching notification lights along the base and side of the phone. Not only do they look great, adding a bit of vibrancy to the phone exterior, they also clearly and quietly inform you when you have a new notification.

All this power and great functionality is underpinned by vastly improved battery capacity. An Li-ion 1500 fully rechargeable battery pack means that the Miro won't let you down when you most need it. The phone really does thrive under pressure performing well even after prolonged and consistent use. This is important because the Miro does come with a lot of high end specifications and capabilities as standard. It's a device designed to be put under pressure, and to deal with users browsing the internet, making calls and generally staying connected.


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The phone has been well received since its release and secured a number of five star review ratings. What's more the device is available to buy online for an unparalleled best price from a number of reputable retailers. The Miro proves to be a huge update from its predecessors and has arguable set the bar for all future social media heavy smart phones. So be sure to buy the Xperia smartphone online and get the best prices possible by comparing costs.

Available colors

Technical Details
Data CapabilitiesWi Fi, Bluetooth
FeaturesEmail, Camera
ColourDigital Zoom, Video Recorder
Phone StyleTouchscreen Phone Style
Storage4 GB
Operating SystemGSM 1800, GSM 1900, HSDPA 2100
Screen Size3.5 Inch
Camera Resolution5 mp
Talktime5 Hours
Standby time470 Hours