Sony MP3 and Media Players: Best prices in Malaysia (32 Items found)

Get the best sound with Sony MP3 players


When it comes to providing excellent performing electronic devices, Sony has proved its prominence. This is true even in the case of the brand’s MP3 players which are available in the latest designs and different price ranges. Let us look at some reasons why you should consider buying a Sony MP3 player. Sony is one of the most trusted brand names in the world. Its popularity among music lovers has made its mp3 players very easily available in different parts of the world.


Different Sony models at various price points


Sony offers a large variety of MP3 players that are known for its versatility. They are known for style, design and the unique accessories available either with it, or separately. For those who require large storage for songs, there are mp3 players with storage in the form of hard drive. This type can store 13,000 songs. If you do not require a lot of space there are mp3 players with flash memory, that even come with 2GB space, which is perfect for people who only listen to music for short durations like working out or while driving.


The legendary Walkman series


The latest walkman offered by Sony also includes various commendable features that are sure to make your music listening experience one of a kind. The inclusion of LCD displays enables you to store and view images and videos on the player. Multi-touch screen makes it very easy to browse through the various options. It also includes rechargeable batteries that can run up to 18 hours.


There is also a Sony walkman sport edition that is specifically designed by Sony, for those who engage in various sports. It offers very good sound quality and is water resistant. It does not include wires, but can be placed on the ear like a Bluetooth hearing device.


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