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The Stylish and Practical Sony Smartwatch

The smart watch industry is relatively new, and everyone wants a piece of the action, with big tech giants fighting each other off to reach supremacy. Sony is one of these giants and it seems they've got it all figured out. Sony SmartWatches have a comfortable advantage in the wrist-based technology battle since the release of the 2nd generation of these fashionable tech accessories. Oddly enough, Sony managed to become known in the Smartwear market for products that seem somewhat limited in functionality and features, as compared to some Apple products. This, however, does not mean that these products have lost their practicality, as with the case of the Smartwatch 2 generation, which are well known for doing what it says on the tin and more. The 3rd generation of SmartWatches packs even more exciting features than the previous one, with better processor, improved design, waterproof chassis and power management tool. So, even if they have limited functions and non-impressive specs, they still manage to appeal to the general public, their practicality and stylishness serving as magnets for the masses.

Sony Smartwatch price, design and key features

Design: The initial release price for the Smartwatch 2 from Sony seemed a bit high for a simple smartwatch. However, it quickly became justified as there where many supported apps available for it. Additionally, they offered a variety of connectivity options, from the obvious connectivity to Sony Smartphones to pretty much any Android handset with 4.0 or above OS. This is the aspect where the competition suffers the most and is at a clear disadvantage to Sony. For example, Samsung Smartwatches are fairly limited in apps variety and connectivity. Sony releases subtle but somehow visually appealing smartwatches. Sporting a sleek and professional design, the Sony SmartWatch feels comfortable around the wrist, with no sharp corners or edges. The screen has a metallic trim around the edges, improving durability and design. The original silicon strap is very soft and comfortable, making the already weightless watch feel very light. Customization is available for the wrist strap, the silicon strap being easy to replace with a metallic strap that Sony offers as an option. The design and various strap options make the SmartWatch appropriate for office, as well as casual outfits.

Features: The Sony smartwatch incorporates an ambient light sensor to display the time on the screen using ambient light to save energy. The touch screen is responsive and accurate, making it easy to navigate through apps and settings. The camera feature is fun and unique. By using the camera feature, you are able to see footage on the watch display thanks to the camera incorporated in the synced phone. The numerous apps available give you the possibility to burn some time by playing a game, or to fully customize it to your liking by syncing your Facebook account and so on.

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