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Sony Playstation consoles, Gaming Royalty

  PS4 & PSVita

The series of consoles that revolutionized the world of video games, bringing 3D gaming from fancy experimental oddity to commonplace reality. The PlayStation, first home console released by Sony Computer Entertainment, was the absolute king of video games in the 90’s, introducing to us some of the most memorable gaming sagas in history, including Resident Evil, FIFA and Tomb Raider. Now, twenty years later, Sony’s hardware keeps being one of the most relevant players in an oligarchic market, along with the evergreen Nintendo and the software giant Microsoft. A long-running legacy that is likely to remain present in our lives for a long time to come. Nintendo has in particular been a constant competitor to Sony in the area of gaming and home entertainment.


Cross-Generational Entertainment

Said to be the world’s most powerful console ever made, with the fastest gaming processor in the PS series, PlayStation 4 brings to players the fullest entertainment experience a console can provide. Breath-taking graphic capabilities, for enough rendering power to reproduce images that get as close as possible to real life, combined with some exclusive, exciting titles that will sometimes resemble actual movies in terms of realism and storylines. Online gaming services made video games social: if before nights in with your pals were the only chance you could play with human opponents at home, now all you need is an internet connection to reach any person in the world in seconds. Massive multiplayers populated by gamers from all over the globe are now reachable with a few clicks on your controller. Playing solo? You can still share your virtual adventures with your friends, thanks to the PlayStation Now cloud service, simply pressing the Share button on the controller. Broadcast all the fun of next-gen consoles! Sony's primary competitor has also introduced a range of next-gen Xbox consoles. Let the gaming battles begin!


Still popular in spite of the generation change, the PlayStation 3 also introduced to us a whole new way of seeing gaming consoles, turning them into actual multimedia entertainment centers. The first game hardware using Blu-Ray discs, it re-invented leisure with a plethora of online services for videos and music, plus support for all your home entertainment, including photos, movies and television. All effortlessly manageable from your PS3 controller.


PlayStation Vita: Boundless Portability


The next step of portable gaming. The PSVita is much more than other handheld consoles, it’s a mobile interactive experience. Play plenty of exclusive games on a 12.7 cm wide touchscreen with 16 million colors, for some of the most striking graphics you have ever hold in your hands. Getting over buttons, with movement sensor, microphone and touchpad sensor for full-immersion involvement. 3G and WiFi support, to extend playability for multiplayer and social gaming. Furthermore, enjoy the cross-platform function by using your Vita as display and controller for your PS4 games, from wherever you are, as far as your wireless internet connection can reach. In addition to the gameplay on the Vita, the gaming giant has introducted Playstation gaming remotely on a range of Sony smartphones capable of reproducing the graphic performance of the console.


Plenty of Thrilling Games


Live hundreds of adventures through ancient tombs and post-apocalyptic scenarios. Save princesses, exterminate hordes of zombies or become the world football champion from your bedroom or living room. Many stories and characters are just waiting for you to go through exciting storylines, survive hectic action or solve mysterious enigmas. Many titles, both new and sequels, will be available for you, including computer games that you won’t find on Xbox One or Wii U. Start the play!


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