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Introducing Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4)

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is Sony’s first new console in seven years, the last time Sony released a version of the much loved PlayStation line of gaming console was in 2006. Sony’s PlayStation has been known to be gamer focused and fans are expecting no less from the new PlayStation 4 (PS4). Sony promises gamers that the new Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), will open doors to a more immersive and deeply connected gaming community. Aside from being gamer focused, the PS4 also provides a very good environment for game developers. The PS4, aside from having several PS4 exclusive game upon launch, will be featuring games from indie developers as well.

Playstation 4 sharing features
PS4 specs

The Playstation 4: Sony’s Best Console Yet

Sony claims that the PlayStation 4 will be the best PlayStation to date, and just by looking at the specs (specifications) we can understand why. The PS4 has a single chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor with eight cores, like the PS3, the Playstation 4 is equipped with a Blu-ray/DVD optical drive. The PS4 has a massive 8GB GDDR5 RAM and 500GB of removable storage and at the heart of its graphics is an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine GPU with 1152 shaders. The PlayStation 4 has a Dual Shock controller which has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, and a voice command feature.

PS4 Launch Games

Currently, more than 150 games are available for the PS4, but Sony made an agreement with some games publishers to develop games that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, like: DriveClub, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Infamous: Second Son, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm reborn, Contrast, DayZ, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and CounterSpy.

PS4 front look

PS4 Price and Release Date in Malaysia

Prices for the PS4 are already available in US$, but we are still waiting for the PS4 price in Malaysia, but what we know is that PS4 will be significantly cheaper than the Xbox One. The PS4 release in Malaysia should be between mid-November and early December. Some retailers in Malaysia has already started accepting pre-orders for the PS4 with some of them offering PS4 game bundles. PricePanda Malaysia has a list of the retailers currently offering the PS4 along with their prices and available bundles.

Specifications / Details
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