Samsung Digital Cameras: Best prices in Malaysia (11 Items found)

Samsung’s take on Digital Cameras


Samsung camera one of the world's most recognizable brands. This lineup consists mostly of point-and-shoot cameras that appeal to the broadest group of consumers. In the recent years, there has been series of innovations regarding the brands and models of samsung camera and most of the products usually come with great designs and innovative features.

Samsung Galaxy Camera; the next step in digital photography


Samsung's cameras are often highly innovative, but the Samsung Galaxy Camera is by far the most ground-breaking example we have seen in a long time. There are different model of the Samsung digital camera that have been released in the past decades. However one of the latest and hottest models is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. All these come with different features and specification. Their price is determined by the model, function and specifications. Samsung galaxy camera can be best specify to be Smartphone. It comes with a 4.8in, 1280x720-pixel LCD, quad-core 1.4GHz processor, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The device also runs Android 4.1, with full access to the Google Play app store. It is multi function; it performs the function of more than just a camera. It can be used for the checking of emails, update your facebook status and listen to Spotify. It also has the feature of headset sockets, which makes it suitable for the user to use it to take calls.

Affordable prices and great specifications

The Samsung product has so many features including, 4.8in screen and even at its thinnest point it's still 19mm thick. The product has a battery life of almost 280 hours. It comes with option of Wi-Fi and 3G functions. The process of waking the device and using it is just a matter of 3 second. Samsung digital cameras price varies from store to store and also depend on the seller and other incentives that is likely to complement the sales. The product is available in most online stores and at physical stores.

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