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10th October 2014

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  • Samsung Galaxy Y
    written on 24/11/2012
    When my phone is damaged, I think about the best cellphone that I have to buy. And thanks God I found this wonderful Samsung. It’s small and compact with its simple style. However, I love it because it fits in my palm. It’s quite large screen makes it wonderful too. Even I can see the images very well because it is supported by high quality resolution. One thing that I love from this Samsung is the speaker and its connectivity to internet. One day I play music while is browsing via internet. Of course, I love it because it accompanies me very well.

For the Young at heart

The Galaxy Y S5360 is a competitively priced addition to the Samsung Galaxy handset range and, as you might have guess, one that has been designed with young smartphone users in mind. This mid-range phone forms one part of a series of concepts, each specifically crafted to capture the needs of a target consumer group.

All wrapped up in a neat little package

In design it follows in the footsteps of previous Galaxy phones in having a sleek appearance, with a rounded body that is comfortable to hold and an almost entirely touch screen front (except for the home button). It is relatively small with dimensions of 104mm x 58mm height by width and a thickness of only 11.5mm, meaning that it is easily help by smaller hands also. Adding to this the impressive weight of only 97.5g, this phone won't be noticeable in a child's rucksack, pocket or school uniform. The Galaxy Y is available in white and pink in addition to the standard black, and the back piece is interchangeable to allow each owner maximum customisation. The screen comes in at a functional 3.0 inch screen size and a total of 240 x 320 pixels, offering multi-touch gesture control and an intuitive UI software.

The software, and the hardware powering it

Samsung's Galaxy Y specification consists of a battery with a 1200mAh capacity allowing up to 17 hours of talk time and a staggering 850 hours stand-by time, meaning that the average user is unlikely to find themselves running out of charge in a day. Charging the phone is via a micro-usb socket, which also enables the Galaxy Y to easily connect up to a PC for transfer of data. The standard phone package includes a 2GB micro SD card (the SD card can be upgraded to 32GB), which expands on the 160MB of internal memory and gives the phone an additional ability to be a portable music player, with the included hands free kit providing a good quality pair of headphones. On-board the Galaxy Y carries a 832 MHz processor and 384MB RAM for software applications. The Y also comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS location ability and 3G connectivity as standard. The operating system pre-installed onto the phone is Android version 2.3, commonly known as "Gingerbread", and comes with a whole suite of Samsung applications to help user get the most out of their new equipment. The phone comes with two pre-loaded keyboard options: a traditional "tap-entry" keyboard, and something revolutionary calledSwype. This program enables users to input a whole word only by gliding their finger through each letter of it. With practice the speed of this system is immense, and coupled with an intuitive word prediction it makes writing on the Samsung Galaxy Y a breeze. Another stock app is Google's well-renowned Navigation which acts as an effective (and wholly free) sat-nav system for use when travelling. The Galaxy Y boasts a 2 mega-pixel rear facing camera with automatic white balance, photo effects, video recording function and a 2x digital zoom capability. Added features include a panoramic mode and a system called smile shot, which automatically takes a photograph when a smiling subject is detected.

Samsung Galaxy Y Malaysian Release

From its market launch in October 2011 the Samsung Galaxy Y price in Malaysia was listed at 499 Ringgit Malaysia (RM), equivalent to about $175. It's reception among customers was widely positive and enabled the Y to achieve high sales worldwide (by April 2012 it was achieving a reported shipping rate of 1.75 million units a month). Since then sales have continued to remain strong, thanks in part to a gradual reduction in retail price. The best prices that can be found on-line at the moment is generally around the RM370 price range and a bit cheaper from searching through bidding style websites. However, to find this handset at a real steal why don't you take a look at Nano Communication who are selling at bargain prices from as little as RM285!