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Samsung Galaxy W White

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30th September 2014
Samsung Galaxy W White

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  • written on 26/11/2012
    With my saving, I finally could afford Samsung Galaxy W. It was the available smartphone with my current saving at that time. Purchasing the device, I do not feel any regret at all even now.
    So I am the browser type. I need internet connection and often browse for various things whenever I am. My previous smartphone was stolen so I then left without having any smartphone for a couple of weeks. When Galaxy W came to my life, I felt like being rejuvenated. Though it is pretty cheap compared to the other hi-tech smartphones at that time. Galaxy W leaves no room for disappointment. The applications available are just as much as the other Galaxy series have available at the Google Store. The quality of the camera is also not something to be looked down upon. My newest hobby this time is taking pictures of random things and post it on my facebook. And doing that with Galaxy W is very easy.
    The other features are of standard smartphone. The only thing that makes me kind of wanted to go back to my previous smartphone is the fact that Galaxy W has rather small screen. But other than that, all the navigations and systems go smoothly without glitch or any lagging.
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The Samsung Galaxy W offers versatility at an affordable price!

For consumers who do not need all the fancy bells and whistles, but want a reasonably powerful phone with excellent software options, the Samsung Galaxy W is a good choice. The phone does not have the most powerful processor or the highest resolution screen, but it does deliver adequately for most smart phone users.

Galaxy W offers excellent connectivity

One of the advantages of this smart phone is that it works over many networks reliably. The connections are stable using 3G mobile broadband linkages. The Samsung Galaxy W also connects well to Wi-Fi hotspots, which are abundant in urban areas and can provide even higher data transfer rates. The phone features both Hotspot and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity along with GPS navigation linked to Google Maps.

Design is a little weak

One of the main weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy W is that it looks rather plain compared to some of the other offerings in the Android smart phone market. However, it is comparable to others in the Galaxy lineup. If you do like the look of the Galaxy products, then the Galaxy W is not disappointing. However, if you want something more exciting, then this model does not quite deliver. The phone is easy to grip and operate.

Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread system with TouchWiz 4.0 interface

The operating system and interface is excellent and it features a virtual keyboard that fits nicely on the 3.7-inch touch screen. The keyboard responds well in landscape mode and the phone also has Swype functionality. Generally, the scrolling and navigation are fast enough for most needs and there is an option to expand the flash memory using the microSD slot to speed things up even more.

HD five-megapixel camera with auto-focus

The Samsung Galaxy W has a good camera capable of taking 2592 x 1944 pixel images and HD 720p video. The camera renders colors realistically and takes sharp images using the auto focus feature. However, one drawback is that it lacks LED flash. The smart phone also has a front-facing camera for video calling and self-photography.

Samsung Galaxy W price at mid-range for lineup

The Samsung Galaxy W in Malaysia sits about in the middle when compared to other available smart phones in the Galaxy line.The lower end offering is the Samsung Galaxy Y that is available currently at RM369. Going up, there are products like the Galaxy Pocket, Mini S5570, and Galaxy Y DUOS with the latter priced at RM485. The Galaxy Ace Plus is generally in the RM650 to RM700 range. Then follows the Samsung Galaxy W price in Malaysia, which is available at RM848.40 from Lazada and at RM999.00 from Higher priced alternatives include the Samsung Galaxy S, N7000 Galaxy Note, 18530 Galaxy Beam and at the top of the line, the Galaxy S III White priced at RM1,699.00.
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The Galaxy W generally gets excellent reviews and is one of the company’s favorite products for customers who do not have the money for the highest priced options, but still want something above the lowest tier of Galaxy products. The phone offers excellent connectivity and a reasonably large touch screen. Unless you need something super-fast or with an extra large display, the Samsung Galaxy offers great value at a reasonable price.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful software
  • Connectivity

  • Plain design
  • Below average voice quality
  • Camera is slow to focus
  • Modest screen resolution