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Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 8GB White online: Best Prices available in Malaysia


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has the minimal organic designed inspired by the Galaxy Series. It offers and ergonomic experience, and also a comfortable one, with an improved degree of usage features, and with a shape that would be attractive even for the most pretentious users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Malaysia

Design and Features

The phone can be easily handled because the curves that offers a natural sensation. The 4-inch AMOLED display might not be so big for some, but if you are looking for a phone that can fit in your pocket, but still has good capacities and performances, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is the one you need. the white version is appreciated by women, but men can find it just as interesting.
The new mini Galaxy comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with a fast graphic, fluid and smooth, along with the new Google Search that brings you all the information that you need, even before asking. 8 GB of storage space at 1 GB of RAM makes this Galaxy the fastest phone of its class the AMOLED technology displays photos, videos and other media files with an increased quality.
The 5 MB camera has a maximum resolution of 2592x1944, and it has an integrated LED. The video resolution of 1280x720 might not be so much for some, but it is still enough for you to watch movies with an increased quality. It comes with a secondary camera, and even if it only has 0.3 MP, it is perfect for video communication. It also comes with geo tagging and face detector, which will give a decent clarity of portraits.
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Apps

The battery is solid, although not the most performing. In waiting time, it can last for 450 hours, but in reality, you will have to charge it once every three days. The battery can be changed, so you can think about buying a better one later.
Users appreciate the navigating capacity of the phone, as it is fast, being able to sustain multiple navigating sessions with ease. It supports email, social networking and online storage. Mini Galaxy White can display a large number of video files, and also audio ones. As for the hardware, it has a sensitive accelerometer, gyroscope and all the other features that made Galaxy so popular.
The Galaxy S will be the preferred device by women, because its smooth shapes and ease of handling. The Mini series was successful since now, and with the introduction of this smartphone, which also offers high performances, and the smallest price possible, we can say that the Galaxy family received a star member.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Design


The biggest advantage of the new Mini Galaxy is the price, which is the smallest amongst the new Samsung devices. In fact, it is the cheapest type of phone that you can get with those performances, and this gives the popularity of the series.

Pros and Cons

  • Good performances for a phone of its class
  • Ease of handling
  • Performing camera

  • An unattractive shape
  • Plastic case that might break
  • Small resolution

Specifications / Details
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