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Buy Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus i5 128GB Black online
Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus i5 128GB Black
Here you will find the best Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus i5 128GB Black price once it is available

Buy Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus i5 128GB Black online: Best Prices available in Malaysia


The most powerful ultrabook from Samsung

Samsung, being a powerful company in the consumer electronics industry, has been designing and selling laptops and ultrabook for a long time. With the new Ativ Book 9 Plus they may have really created a great looking, yet immensely powerful and capable laptop, that can rival the Macbook Air in thinness, but is a lot more feature packed and specced out.

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Ativ Book 9 Plus hardware and specs

Samsung’s new laptop flagship, the Ativ Book 9 Plus is powered by Intel’s latest Core i5 CPU chip from the latest Haswell line that makes the new Ativ Book 9 Plus extremely portable because Samsung states 12 hour battery life which is a big number for today’s powerful ultrabooks. It comes with 8GB of RAM memory that will withstand heavy usage of big applications that require a lot of resources and internal power. Samsung’s new premium ultrabook also has integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics card for graphics driven applications and gaming. To top all the impressive internal specs, the Samsung’s Ativ Book Plus 9 is very thin measuring 0.54 inches thickness and extremely light and portable.

Amazing looking high resolution touchscreen

Where the new Ativ Book 9 Plus really shines is when users see the amazing screen Samsung has developed for this ultrabook. It measures 13.3 inches in diameter, and has an astonishingly huge resolution of 3200 x 1800 px that give the new Book 9 Plus a pixel density of 276 ppi which is huge for a laptop. The screen is impressive and users cannot differentiate individual pixels, and everything from texts on the web, to gaming,images and videos look crystal clear and bright. To be even more unique and trendsetting, the new high resolution screen on the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is also touch sensitive with multitouch support.

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Software features

The touch screen is here to help users navigate the Windows 8 operating system, which comes as standard on the new Samsung’s ultrabook. All the software features of Windows 8 are present on this laptop and is presented on a great resolution thanks to the great screen.

Availability and pricing on the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

Samsung has created the Ativ Book 9 Plus to directly rival the Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display but Samsung has priced it lower compared to its biggest rival, with prices for the Ativ Book 9 Plus starting at 1,399 USD in the US. Stay tuned with PricePanda, we will be the first place where you can check out the prices for the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus in Malaysia.

Specifications / Details
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