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Mobile phone markets are growing strong and now has shifted to smartphones as new flagship devices are being introduced. As competition increases, phone manufacturers are becoming more innovative on designing devices that have high performance abilities and creative apps. Whether it is an Android, iOS, Windows based or just a regular mobile phone, you will find them for the best prices in the Malaysian market here at PricePanda.


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Smartphones run on different operating systems, have different camera quality, display, battery life and so on. If you are considering a phone with the latest and top features; mobiles from Samsung, Apple, Nokia or HTC will be some excellent choices. Current models are become lighter and the screen is getting bigger. This is to deliver the most quality a screen can bring thus users could enjoy excellent video quality. A smartphone also runs on a powerful processor meaning that you can stream data like music and videos easily. Nowadays, some models also have fast 4G LTE internet connectivity making it an ideal phone to use to browse the internet.


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If you are looking for the best smartphone, whether it has the best value for money or it has excellent features, you have come to the right place. We have prepared a great smartphone shopping guide to help you with your decision Smartphone prices in Malaysia are relatively cheap compared to its neighboring countries. In Malaysia, there are a lot of retailers who sell mobile phones and here at PricePanda you can easily find and compare the prices.


We show you comparisons of smartphone prices from the top Malaysian online shops. Although some of these phones attract higher prices, like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) or Iphone 5S, there are also cheaper ones you can find here. Thus you can find the best deal at PricePanda. We regularly update the prices, show full specification and customer reviews so that you can make your choice from the best possibilities.