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Olympus in the camera industry


Olympus is Japanese manufacturer which aimed at developing reprography and optics products. The company was established in the year 1919 and initially the company specialized in making microscope and thermometer. The company also shares a major share holder in the gastro-intestinal microscopic business all over the world. The company has 70% which is a rough estimation and it amounts to US$2.5 billion.


The journey of Olympus


The global headquarter of the company is situated in Tokyo, Japan. Olympus Malaysia has also been successful with its branch there with camera products and other camera equipments. In the year 1934, the company researched about developing camera lenses in order to diversify the activities of the company. The Olympus camera was declared to be a separate company from the Olympus groups. Soon the researching work was shifted to another plant in the year 1936 in Shibuya. Before selling cameras, the company sold camera lenses. The prototype of the lenses was, 75/4.5 and 105/4/5 and later in 1936 75/3.5 was introduced.


Although the Olympus have too faces some of the tough contenders which includes, Nikon and the Canon. But in the initial phase, in 1967 when Olympus Trip series was launched, almost 10 million cameras were sold by 1984. But with the passage of time and technological advancements, Olympus lost its popularity. It was during 80s when Olympus was facing tough competition from its competitors. But soon the company also released SLR system camera with autofocus but somehow it failed to create any impression among the photography field. And it changed its course of camera designing and the company began working on bridge camera. Since they produced bridge camera, the company starting to regain its popularity.

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