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Nokia expands its Lumia line with the Lumia 520

Nokia’s Lumia family of smartphones continues to grow. In an effort to cover all of the significant segments of the smartphone market, Nokia has designed a Lumia smartphone for every price point, ranging from the low end, to the flagship devices that are at the top of the price scale.

Lumia 520 Variety of colours

Variety of choices

The Lumia 520 is Nokia’s effort to cater to those customers that are looking to purchase a smartphone in the low end affordable range. Nokia diversifies their phones by colors and storage, and the Lumia 520 also follows that trend, being available in a variety of colors.

Nokia Lumia 520 specifications

The Lumia 520 follows Nokia’s recent design language, debuted on the Lumia 920. The phone is made from a polycarbonate plastic that feels really good in your hand. The screen of the device is 4 inches in diameter and is a WVGA display. Moreover, its screen is so sensitive that you can use it also when you wear gloves. The device has 512 GB of RAM and a dual core 1 GHz processor. It runs the latest version of Windows Phone 8 operating system. All the usual sensors a modern smartphone requires, like GPS, gyro-meter and accelerometer are present in the Lumia 520.

Lumia 520 Sensitive Screen

The Lumia 520 camera specs

Nokia always puts great cameras in their smartphones, and the Lumia 520 is no exception, albeit its price. The camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor capable of capturing 720p HD video recordings. The stabilization features in this phone make taking pictures while moving a great experience with the result being great,clear and focused shots.

Specifications / Details
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