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Introducing the Microsoft Surface Pro 2

What else from Microsoft? Another high end tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. At first look you might think that the Surface Pro 2 is not much different than the Surface Pro, both of them measure 274.5 X 13.5 X 173 mm and are housed in a black painted magnesium chassis. Not only: they both also have a 10.6 inch 1080p 10-point IPS touchscreen. The Surface Pro 2 retains the USB 3.0 port on the left edge along with a volume adjuster and headset jack while the left edge stores the mini-DisplayPort and magnetic connector for the AC adapter.

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Surface Pro 2 Features

Microsoft tried to up the ante with the Surface Pro 2 and in order to achieve it has packed the Surface Pro 2 with an lot of improvements. The Surface Pro 2 now runs Windows 8.1 Pro, which is actally an improved version of the Windows RT. To make the Surface Pro 2 run all the new features, Microsoft put in it the Intel’s Core i5 Haswell processor and Intel’s HD Graphics 4400 and did succeed in increasing the battery life, now much longer than its predecessor. It runs legacy business application, has a docking station and a keyboard that includes a supplemental battery which lets you use the device for up to 20 hours.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Value Added Features

If these added features of the Surface Pro 2 are not enough for you, maybe all the perks that Microsoft decided to throw in like a year’s access to Skype hotspots, one year landline calling through Skype, and 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage for two years might fascinate you!

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Surface Pro 2 Price and Availability

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is available in 4GB RAM or 8 GB RAM and 64 GB or 128 GB configuration and prices starts at US $899. Prices for Surface Pro 2 in Malaysia differs with every retailer that is why PricePanda tries to make selection easier by offering you the available Surface Pro 2 price in Malaysia under one site.

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