Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Ultrabook of new generation

Flagship among “fashion” series of laptops, the second generation of Yoga ultrabook is changeable as the technologies in the last 20 years. Four different usage modes for convenience: laptop, tablet, stand and tent allow to enjoy work, entertainment and anything you want everywhere! Yoga 2 Pro is enough portable and more than just good looking - it’s worth to show. Lenovo is continuing with the improvements on the Yoga line with the Yoga Pro 3!

New Lenovo ultrabook in silver black

Usually compared with Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus because of high display resolution (3200 x 1800) and touchscreen, the new Lenovo Yoga finally overcome its rival (thanks to almost unlimited possibility of usage and some more specifications). To proof this point of view, we as PricePanda provide you the review of new Lenovo ultrabook including its specs and features as well as the best offers in the country.

The modes of ultrabook

Yoga series: Devices with the prefixes ultra- and multi-

Lenovo explains their Yoga line as “convertible entertainment laptops” and, to be precise, it perfectly correlates with the reality borrowing heavlity from their Lenovo tablets line of devices. Thin for portability, fast for performance and having touchscreen these devices are powerful, convertible and run the latest technologies out of the box.

In 2012 the first generation of Lenovo Yoga was unexpected and thus impressive. The tablet-transformer with unusual

design and unknown but desirable opportunities blew the market up. In 2014, the next model - Yoga 2 Pro - has to try not to disappoint the customer i.e. to achieve evolutionary development and get rid of some engineering failures. “To preserve and increase” was the principle of Lenovo while working on the new device. And for checking whether it was done or not, take a look at the next paragraph.

Specs and features: A lot to talk about

From the first look at the device, an elegant, portable and ergonomic design attracts the attention. Specialists state that the keyboard does not need time to adjust and the screen truly flips around 360 degrees. Made in well-known by Lenovo fans colors - nonstandard clementine orange and genteel silver grey, the device is nice both to be held in hands and watch. Another more than just valuable characteristic is 13.3 inch QHD+ (i.e. 3200 x 1800 pixels!) 10-point capacitive multitouch display with IPS technology - the media world becomes clearer. That long description simply means that you can now watch your favourite movies in HD without any problems, and play games enjoying every single fine detail of the landscape. And do not worry about the performance - processor up to 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 provides smooth one. Starting the Yoga 2 Pro review from the crucial advantages, it’s reasonable to mention new Lenovo Motion and Voice Control technologies that came just from the fantastic films to your life. With them you can stop the movie staying up to 2 meters from the screen by one gesture! This specs and features blow competitors like ASUS and Samsung laptops out of the water!

Screen of new Lenovo Yoga

Among Lenovo ultrabook specs are Windows 8.1 OS and ability to enjoy the work on your laptop up to 9 hour (according to the producer). Memory capacity (along with the processor) can be chosen by the consumer: up to 8GB DDR3L memory and up to 512GB SSD storage.

Speaking of features, along with four usage modes, the device offers great sound with the help of Stereo Speakers With Dolby Home Theater. Some users noted that it much better than famous Bang & Olufsen one in ASUS UX30LA. Also additional apps developed specifically for each mode allow you to get the best of each of them. Phone Companion, Camera Man, Photo Touch and Chef are just few examples from the variety of opportunities opened for you.

Finally, Lenovo made quite impressive example of budget notebook and tablet of average price category in one device. The new Yoga can replace this duo with great convenience, productivity and quality of work.

Availability in Malaysia

New ultrabook has come into the market, and official Lenovo web-page states the price from $1200. But luckily, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is already available in Malaysia!

Thanks to our partner shops, we provide you the best offers in the country and you can choose among them, comparing prices and services related to the purchase. Be sure, because we as PricePanda constantly update the information as well as check Yoga 2 Pro reviews for giving you only up-to-date news. Stay with us and be in touch with the issue!

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