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HTC is one of those producers that know how to surprise you. The One (M7) model has made a revolution and brought back the trend of business style and high-tech. The metal chassis of the model looks respectful and, what is more important, an interior that operates on the edge technologies.

The outstanding 4.7 inch screen with 468ppi pixel density and stunning ultra pixel camera are supported by the exclusive features such as Beat Audio and HTC Zoe. Needless to say, the device looks and performs great in hands of both leisure lovers and CEOs.

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HTC One, the premium smartphone

HTC One is a new flagship device from HTC which is expected to be the premium smartphone. HTC has brought all their latest innovation into the device, which include a new technology called “Ultrapixel” camera and a full aluminium body design. The premium device is HTC’s latest effort to compete with Apple and Samsung and it is a very good effort by the Taiwanese company. The HTC One specs are great. It is equipped with the latest quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jellybean with the Sense 5 UI.

HTC One Silver Malaysia

All aluminium design

The HTC One is practically all screen with rectangular, flat, and extremely thin body. The LCD screen is 4.7-inch which displays 468 ppi and capable to play 1080p HD video. HTC said that the One's screen boast the most impressive viewing experience of any phone it has ever created. HTC also proudly introduces the all-aluminium chassis, describing it as using a zero-gap unibody design. The alumunium phone is available in black, silver, and red color to clear out the metal design and point out the premium design of the phone. The HTC One specs will make you love this phone.

HTC One Body

Amazing multimedia features

HTC is putting much effort in to satisfy the users’ entertainment needs. They introduce the new “Ultrapixel” camera which is a camera with 28 mm lens and great sensor to produce the highest picture quality. HTC One also comes with great speakers, letting the user to enjoy their favorite music to the fullest. The phone is trully designed to entertain the users.

Bring your photos to life, in just one click

The camera has an additional feature which is “HTC Zoe” that could capture up to 5 frames before you press the shutter button and 15 frames after you press it and therefore giving you 20 pictures that can be used to create stop-motion animation.

HTC One Zoe

Enjoy the greatness of HTC Boomsound

The new HTC One specs are not just great because it is equipped with a great camera, but also equipped with “HTC Boomsound” in collaboration with Beats Audio with a HDR recording option to let you enjoy your favorite music with great details. The dual front stereo speakers is supported by built-in amplifiers brings you richer and sharper sound with less distortion. Listening to music has never been this great before.

HTC One Boomsound
Continuing their long lasting relationship with headphone manufacturer Beats by Dre, HTC has equipped its new flagship, the HTC One with sound enhancing software from Beats Audio. The proprietary technology included in the Beats Audio feature, delivers a crisp and clear sound from both the front facing speakers. HTC is looking to appeal to music aficionados with the inclusion of the Beats Audio enhancement software. When headphones are plugged in, the listener is treated to a strong bass note, which is a hallmark of Beats by Dre.

Beats by Dre

Get personalized video highlights with HTC One

With the new HTC Video Highlights feature, you can get an automated 30-second show of the highlights of your memorable event. There is no need of software skills. All you need to do is to choose the available themes and music to add to the effect. You can easily personalize the sequences as you want them.

HTC One Highlights

Your reliable TV guide

HTC also equipped the HTC One with IR blaster to integrate with your TV control. With the HTC Sense TV app and HTC remote software, users can control their TVs with the phone while keeping tabs on local programs.

Powerful software and great user interface

The HTC One has all the power of modern Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean at its disposal. It may not be the newest Jelly Bean version available, but you do get all the mighty with Google's range of software and services that Android users can enjoy. These include the access to over 700,000 apps for download through the Google Play store.

Get the most of your home screen

Moreover, your home screen is now supported by Sense 5 user interface that places the latest news, information and social media feeds all in one. With HTC BlinkFeed, you can easily pick your favorite social media networks, news and feeds that you want to stay updated on and they will all be shown directly on your home screen. These are a few facts why the HTC One price in Malaysia is what it is.

HTC One User Interface

HTC One Price in Malaysia & HTC One Review

Most of the stores in Malaysia sold the phone starting from RM2,299. However you can find various prices for HTC One as they have different colours and capacity. Some stores also offer better deals with lower prices. At PricePanda you surely can get the HTC One price in Malaysia. In addition you can read a HTC One review from other buyers on our page. Below you can read about the HTC One specs.

Specifications / Details
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