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Different style and type of fridges

Refrigerators: The Kitchen's Workhorses

Almost everything that's cooked and eaten in your home--from quick snacks to elaborate gourmet meals, depend on your fridge. It serves as the center of your kitchen by keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold. It is arguably the most important home appliance in your kitchen that is why it pays to invest in a good one. You have a lot of quality refrigerators to choose from, with some products having the added advantage of excellent energy efficiency. There is also a range of items that include commercial refrigerators and portable countertop systems, along with Energy Star compliant units which adhere to power-saving guidelines to save you money on your monthly power bill without sacrificing its ability to maintain your food fresh, and your frozen items frozen.

Buying a new fridge requires smart decision making. Your choice should not depend entirely on the brand nor the price. You should consider its dependability, durability, form, and how it fits into your routine. There are units that are Energy Star compliant and consumes less electricity than a 50-watt light bulb. There are also units that features adjustable legs, humidity control and internal water dispenser, and cycle auto-defrosting. There are also specialized cooling units like wine coolers, beverage centers, and freezers. They also come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors making them the most customizable kitchen appliance next to toasters.

Traditional Style or Top-Freezer Fridge

Still the most popular and most affordable type, most people are very familiar with this type. Its freezer compartment can be found mounted at the top just above the compartment where you will store fresh-food. They come in a variety of sizes allowing them to fit in almost any kitchen. The freezer usually take up about one-third of the total unit size giving you more storage space for items that need freezing. It also has a lot of non-freezer room which easily accommodate larger items. Newer models feature reversible doors giving you more flexibility in terms of storage.

Bottom-Freezer Style aka Bottom-Mount Fridge

The reverse of the traditional style, these units are great for keeping frozen snacks within kids' reach. Top cooling on bottom freezing also ensures the items you often need are kept at eye level. They require the same space and installation as the traditional type which means that you should take some measurements before you buy so you can get all of the benefits out of a bottom freezer style. They are available in various sizes and are also priced affordably though a bit more expensive than the traditional style.

Side-by-Side Style or American-Style Fridge

Vertical doors on side-by-side refrigerator models offer equal access to your refrigeration and freezer storage. The majority of these models feature ice and water dispensers as well as in-door ice storage, saving you space for larger freezer items. One major advantage for this type is its ability to balance space for both frozen and fresh food. They give you more door bin storage space which is very helpful when organizing and accessing different sized items. They come with adjustable shelves, which are a must for flexibility, and they offer not only convenient access to both fresh and frozen food, but they also have abundant freezer capacity. However, they are best suited for kitchens with ample spaces and if you have a bigger budget.

French-Door Style

Narrow French doors on these fridge models are great space savers, easing movement even in tight spaces when its doors are open. They are similar to bottom freezer layout, this style of fridge keep frozen items well within reach of kids while the most used items will be easily accessible for you and at eye level. This type comes with a spacious, full-width fresh-foods compartment that easily accommodates large platters and containers. they come in three door and four door models with the three door models sporting a bottom-mounted freezer compartment and the four door units offering dual freezer compartments, and advanced models offer a bottom-mounted freezer and a second, counter-height drawer that's temperature and humidity adjustable to accommodate changing needs. Ice and water dispensers are also offered on most French door fridges.

Compact or Mini-Fridge

As the name suggests, this type are miniature versions of the fridge, the traditional style to be precise. They are best for limited spaces and can fit into the smallest corners. Most mini-fridge feature little or no freezer capacity and in most, the usually tiny freezer is located inside the refrigeration compartment.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Before you decide on a particular refrigerator, consider door swing, depth, and your storage needs. Whether you're replacing an old appliance or planning a new kitchen layout, the way your refrigerator opens into the room is an important factor. Will there be appliances or things that will prevent the fridge door from opening? Another important aspect to consider is depth. Consider purchasing a counter-depth model, as this will fit most modern kitchen layouts. Aside from dimensions and layout, you also carefully consider what you'll store in your fridge and how you'll use it. If you're storing mostly condiments, a standard fridge may suit your needs best, but if you are the type who keeps a lot of food you should think of getting models with advanced food-preservation features. You should also be aware of storage space. For instance, if you prepare a lot of large platters for parties, make sure that the fridge compartment is wide enough to accommodate it. If you freeze a lot of pre-prepared meals, you have to make sure that the freezer can accommodate pans and big Tupperwares. However, if you want most things frozen, then you should consider purchasing a stand-alone freezer instead of a refrigerator. Newer models come with extra features that enhance its function such as automatic sensors that adjust the temperature to keep food fresher longer. Some comes with display screens that provide information about what's inside your refrigerator and notifies you if you need to re-stock on certain items. Some can even be loaded with different apps, calendars, etc. and can be connected to various smart devices like smartphones and tablets.

Factor Description
Capacity The capacity needed will vary from person to person, and depends on the size of the household, and shopping and cooking habits. Generally, about four to six cubic feet of fresh food storage is needed per adult.
Look and Finish Fridges come in a variety of finishes, including colored enamel and brushed metal. Some fridges come with interchangeable front panels to allow one to refresh the fridge’s look without having to replace the entire unit.
Features Refrigerators are available with a huge range of features, from ice and water dispensers to LCD displays and web access. One should carefully consider which features are essential and which are merely nice to have as additional features tend to push the price of the appliance up. More basic features include adjustable or deep door bins, adjustable or elevator shelves, pull-out shelves or bins, shelf snuggers, and other creative storage options. Some fridges also feature controllable chill features that affect different areas in the compartment, and sensors to let one know what is happening inside the fridge.
Energy Efficiency Refrigerators may not contain ozone depleting CFCs anymore, but they do use a lot of energy. Energy Star rated appliances use 15 percent less energy than required by federal standards and 40 percent less than models sold in 2001. One should not buy a bigger fridge than one needs as this wastes energy cooling a bigger space.

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