Home and Office Phones: Best prices in Malaysia (154 Items found)

Home Phones: are they really obsolete?

We all have our smartphones that we use for all kinds of tasks, and it seems like the home phone is not used for days, but isn’t it annoying for a relative to call you from far away, just to hear some squeezes and weird sounds because your home phone is bad? Let’s see the best devices that could successfully replace your antique fixed phone, changing the appearance of that dull living room forever.

Various home phones at PricePanda

The home phones presented at Panda Price are also suitable as office phones. For example, the Panasonic KX-TS520 comes with display, 50-call list memory, redialing and fast dial functions, being suited even for the busiest assistant managers. From the reviews best home phones, you can find many interesting models, but maybe some of the most reliable of them are the Motorola home phones, which are cordless, so they would look perfect in your living room. Let’s not forget about the Panasonic home phones, with the KX-TG2511 model that really looks perfect because of its silver color.

A simple model is the Panasonic KX-TS550W, which is simple to use, so it will be the perfect anniversary gift for your grandmother. After all, she only needs a simple phone from which she can dial a few numbers. Some of the models here have headset connectivity features, making them ideal for a call center.

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