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Mobile Phones: They're no Longer Just for Grandma

Grandma isn't the only one using this good old-fashioned communication device of yesteryears as they are not only surviving the Android, iOS, and ok, maybe Window Mobile OS invasion, they are also flourishing and evolving. During the advent of smartphones, many of us thought that cell phones, like the dinosaurs, would eventually go extinct, but decades on and they are still here. Still reliable, still with unbelievable long battery life, still able to provide crystal clear over the phone conversation, and still able to get cell reception even in the most remote of areas.

Smartphones might be awesome, what with all their fancy functions like selfies, geo-tagging, social media, and free messaging services but for some people (not just your Grandma and Grandpa) they're not just worth the complexity and the cost. They don't require mobile data yet they can keep you connected, you can still make calls, play music, manage contacts, and even take photos.

Feature Phones Gets New Functions

You might think that manufacturers have given up and stopped producing cellular phones but you are wrong. Take Finnish giant (now Microsoft Mobile Oy) Nokia, they recently released what is dubbed as the best phone in this category, the Nokia 515. It is a new phone released alongside touchscreen phablets and the like. It may not support 3G or LTE but it boasts of a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, dual SIM, a 5MP camera capable of facial detection and panoramic shot. It can also access Twitter and FAcebook over mobile data and surf the web with WAP. And then there's Samsung's Minimal Folder lineup. They may be called minimal but they come with features that aren't even present in some smartphones such as acquaintance alarm function, and a special ringing function that gradually increases to up to 70 decibels (not sure if that's good though). Additions to this type of devices may be minimal but they are definitely not going anywhere.

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No longer just for the older users or the technologically challenged, feature phones are becoming more feature filled while maintaining their reliability and very affordable price. Whether you are looking for the classic flip phone, the sliding phone with QWERTY or the classic monoblock phone, there is no better place to look than here. PricePanda still lists and features old-school cell phones that are authentic, never been used, and are still covered with warranty. Here you can find almost any type of phone you are looking for, compare prices from different stores, view price lists, as well as read reviews, specifications, and features. We have every mobile device you are looking for.